Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photo Shoot for Star

The Mount Kinabalu Climbathon group shall have a simulation training this Saturday morning, 18 September at Gunung Nuang.

The group shall run up the mountain within 3.5 hours one way. Together with early dinner after the training, it is almost a whole day event at the park.

To coincide with the training, the group shall have a photo shoot session in preparation for an article in the Star Metro newspaper later. I have spoken to a Star Sports reporter and he is most pleased to do the story.

Entrance of Gunung Nuang park... this photos shall be filled with Mt KK Climbathon runners/trekkers

According to TonyQ who is arranging the transport and accommodation in Kota Kinabalu for the group, there are 60 participants taking part in the Mount Kinabalu Climbathon on 23 October 2010.

We are glad to have Jason Lee, the friendly and pro photographer that you often see taking photos in many of those running event, to help us to take the photos. Thanks you and BRAVO !!!

In order to speed up the photo shoot session, I have informed the group of the following scenes:

Take One: Standard Pose
Front row: ladies squat
Middle row: guys half bend bodies
Back row: guys stand up

Take Two: Vibrant Pose
Same layout as Take One with a bit of action:
Front row: right side, raise right fists (same level as shoulder); left side, raise left fists (same level as shoulder)
Middle rows: all raise both fists (same level as shoulder)
Back row: right side, punch right fists into the sky; left side, left fists.

Take Three: Mt KK Climbathon Challengers and Friends
All together for a mega group photos.

Take Four: Action Shots
As to the action shots, we need to go deeper into the jungle to perform the task. So, this is the plan:

Shoot 1: We shall run pass Jason Lee, say, in normal fast pace and in serious mood. But don't run away yet, we shall re-shoot or re-take another scene. Okay, this is not a 'NG' (No Good) as in those shooting for movies.

Shoot 2: This time, look at the camera with a bit of action, smile or raising our hands.

Have fun
written by KC

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