Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cleaning Camera Made Easy

On Sunday 19 September 2010, Shukri was invited to Putrajaya's Presint 6 Water Sports Complex to take photos for Luke Thomas, a famous water-skier from UK. Though Shukri has been taking water-skiing events a few times, being on the speed boat taking the water-skier in action was truly a new experience. The challenging moments were to zero-in on the subject and the speed boat started to bounce on choppy water created by the undulating waves.

Background showing Putrajaya's Presint 6 Water Sports Complex

When the photo shoot was over, a photographer from another speed boat said he wanted to wash his camera. Without hesitation, he was dipping his Olympus E-3 SLR into the lake much to the shock or amazement of other onlookers near to the Water Sports Complex.

A daring move ... notice the bubbles surging to the water surface

This is extracted from the Olympus website about Olympus E-3:

Pursuance of high image quality, mobility and reliability. A digital SLR camera that answers the demanding requirements of photographers, withstanding severe conditions while pursuing high quality image, mobility, and reliability.

Usage in demanding environments is made possible with the OLYMPUS E-3 through the dust proof and water proof magnesium alloy body that can withstands severe conditions.

After reading the above claims, looks like only the body is water proof but did not mention about the lens.

According to Shukri, he saw bubbles surging to the water surface when the whole unit is submerged into the water. Looks like there is a misinterpretation of the features by the owner of this camera. Okay, be prepared for an expansive repair ... :-)
Here are the photos of the previous waterski event (July 2010) extracted from Shukri's photo album.

Click here for the full photo album courtesy of Shukri.

Shukri (right)

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Anonymous said...

This almost looked like the first water proof DSLR !!y jaw dropped when I saw the photo of the camera under water!


heckler said...

gosh, my condolences to the len... :)

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

Maybe the owner wants to change to Nikon camera ... :-) KC