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Karak Shilinmen

Overnight stay at Shilinmen Leisure Home, Karak on 19-20 August 2017 with USJ chi gong friends and family members ... Our activities at Shilinmen included having a dip in a nearby stream; preparation of group dinner; karaoke session until late at night. On Day 2 morning, viewing sea of clouds and sunrise; Sungai Dua waterfall; eating of durians for lunch.

This is the season for durians with the mau san wong (musang king) durian weekend prices soar to RM60 to RM70 per kilogram. Durians price increased on Friday, Saturday and Sunday due to increased in demand with the influx of weekend tourists. 

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Twenty of the USJ chi gong friends and family members at Shilinmen, Karak ... (left, back): Ronnie, KC Leong, Tung, Frankie, Eunice, KL Tan, Yang, Kee's sons; (front): Camelia, Ngoi XL, Chiew, Kheng Lian, Mimi Chong, Ng LY, Joanne, ChongSL, OngCH, Annie Kwa
 The spacious compound of Shilenmen Leisure Home nestled among the durian trees ... these durian trees will only bear fruits in the next season: Nov, Dec, January

The room rate is very reasonable with an entire air-conditioned room that can accommodate 10 persons comfortably for only RM450 that includes usage of the cooking utensils, cooking gas and basic facilities. The Owner, Mr Yeong Onn Hong (杨安康), is a very friendly and helpful person; he can be contacted at 019-589 0000; for more information, Google Karak Shilinmen.
Different model of huts to cater for more discerning requirement  

Out of the many big rooms, only two are equipped with air-conditioning due to limitation in the electric power distribution. According to Mr Yeong, application has been submitted for upgrading to multiple phases of electric power to provide air-conditioning to other rooms.
 Frankie singing his favourite song ... Karaoke sound equipment and system with titles search capability

Shilenmen 9km Run on Sunday 3 Sept 2017 – Shilenmen Leisure Home will the organizing this running event for the third time. Most participants would put up a night at the leisure home on the eve of the run; for those who would like to try camping, there is ample space to pitch tents within the compound. 
 Having a dip in a stream in the hot afternoon ... distance is about 7km from Shilinmen with proper road leading to this area
 Our professional Japanese chef, Ronnie, preparing Japanese maki rolls, Japanese ramen fried noodles and salad
 Our professional Chinese chef, Frankie, preparing spring rolls
 The chefs and their assistants showing 20 boxes of well-prepared food
 Dinner is ready ... a lot of food and we could not finish them
 Day 2 morning viewing sea of clouds and sunrise... a journey requiring 30 minutes of travel in 4WD and a simple 15-min hike which is Ok even with wearing of sandals
 The sea of clouds and sunrise can rival the one in Sungai Lembing ... 
do click here for comparison
 Appearing of the yolk of the sun at 7:15 a.m.
 At Sungai Dua waterfall
 The joyous moment having so many durians freshly delivered from the orchard
 hmmm ... drooling, delightful, and delicious 

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