Monday, June 24, 2013

Fa Qi Healing

I attended a 2-day Fa-Qi Healing Workshop Level 1 (Zhineng Qigong) conducted by Kong Xu Qigong Master (of China) at Petaling Jaya on 22-23 June 2013. 

Workshop Contents:

1. Introduction of Fa-Qi (or Chi) Healing
2. Fa-Qi healing basic theory, the meaning, scientific evidence, rationals and guidelines
3. Qi field healing via concurrent and consciousness command
4. Qi field healing practice
5. La-Qi healing - key aspects, circulatory healing and practice
6. Consciousness healing; devine ray healing; remote healing practice; water object message healing
7. Right aattitude towards Fa-Qi healing
8. Hun Yuan (cosmic energy) and perspective.

Do click here to view 80 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC).

 Kong Xu Qigong Master conducting the chi gong healing workshop

Overall, it was a good, informative and beneficial workshop. The most important tips from the Qigong Master to the participants: Practise, practise, practise !!!

The event organizer fixed a date two months later (in August 2013) for participants to meet and share the learning experience.

 Participants listening attentively

 Group practice and discussion ... Banting showing Dr Pang Ming, the founder of Zhineng Qigong in China. The Qigong Grand-master developed the full modules of Zhineng Qigong and also tai chi ball chi gong during recent time.

 Kong Xu Qigong Master demonstrating the fa chi healing on Anthony laoshi (of Penang) who is doing an excellent job in translating the instructions from Mandarin to English (for the English speaking group).

 Group practice in harnessing and experiencing the energized chi field

 Part of the Organizing Team for this event: Ms Chua laoshi and Edwin Khor laoshi 

 Ms Tan sharing her experience

 Wellness Healing song - Group singing a song newly composed by Zhang laoshi (centre)

 The all-smile, thumbs-up group photo … yours truly (KC) at left (of photo frame), back row.

 Kong Xu Qigong Master demonstrating jovially the graceful movement of tai chi ball in front of the banting of Dr Pang Ming who looks like very pleased and showing the approval.

2013 Events … similar workshop on 29-30 June (Penang); a visit to Bama China (7-19 Sept) to experience the energized chi field

For more information of this event, do contact Edwin Khor laoshi:

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