Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gunung Nuang Special Selection

The purpose of going back to Gunung Nuang again was to conduct a special selection exercise for SuWF and LimBB who could not be present for the official selection on 1 June 2013 for Mount Kinabalu Climb … click here.

They were not able to come due to circumstances not within their control. 

Being a lead marshal on 1 June’s selection process, I gladly accepted the task when I was requested to conduct a special selection exercise for these two candidates.

I also invited a few trekker friends to assist me whom they also gladly accepted the invitation.

It is interesting to note that from 25 May 2013, within a short span of 4 weeks, I went to Gunung Nuang three times; the previous time that I set foot there was in October 2011, about 18 months ago with a group of trail runners.

Do click here to view 43 photos by courtesy of yours truly. 

 (left) KC Leong, KL Tan, Su WF, Lana, LimBB, Camellia Lua, Lai Kuan, Debbie Tan.
LimBB, KL Tan, Camellia Lua and yours truly are from the same Zhineng Chi Gong group.
Debbie Tan was there for her training in the 100km TMBT Sabah ultramarathon trail running challenge in Sept 2013.

 The participants and the marshal, yours truly.

 Yes! We are energized and raring to GO; Su and LimBB holding the GPS-enabled Garmin watch (of yours truly) for a time measurement to arrive at Kem Pacat 

 Taking a breather at the pondok area at the end of Jalan Balak

 Yeah! We made it within the qualifying time as confirmed by the Garmin watch

 Our favourite signature tree at Kem Pacat

 All ladies pose

 The chubby lone puppy at the makeshift shelter of Kem Pacat is growing by the days. After a lapse of two weeks, it is coming out to look for food while friendlily yet cautiously approaching strangers (the trekkers). 
BTW, this is a male puppy! Anyone interested to adopt it? Since it is born in the mountain, sure it would make a good company when you take it for trekking … :-)

 Lana and Lai Kuan feeding it with a kaya buns. Just like any children, it prefers to eat the sweet kaya than the bun.

Busy licking the sweet kaya. Notice something at the side of its right eye? It is a tick! We were trying to pull the tick out but one trekker suggested not to as the broken legs of the tick would be left behind. Then someone suggested to squeeze the tick (to kill it), and I thought it was a better idea.

In the process of eliminating the tick, we have to cover the puppy’s eyes; it was so scared that it started to shiver that its claws were firmly clinging to Lai Kuan’s arms who was holding the puppy at that moment. After a few failed attempts, we decided to let it be. 

Hope the next group of trekkers have better ideas in removing the tick.

Where does it get drinking water? Well, the kind-hearted trekkers actually pour drinking water into a small container for it to last the days.

 Miniature mushrooms 

 Taking a dip at the stream at Kem Lolo on the returning journey … notice the clear and pristine water… Su, Lai Kuan, Lana.

The journey back to the car park with four streams crossing

Do click here for the preceding posting at Gunung Nuang (1 June 2013) on the selection for Mount Kinabalu Climb, and have a glimpse of the puppy two weeks ago.

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