Sunday, June 30, 2013

Apek Hill Cheras

Apek Hill Cheras trekking on 29 June 2013, Saturday, practicing with team members for Mount Semeru_Bromo_Ijen climb next month (July).

It was a good and fun outings with the fine weather minus the haze. The only smoky situation we encountered was at the waterfall area when a group of youngsters were cooking Maggie mee with the wet firewood. Just stayed clear of the serious hazy situation since last Thursday, 27 June, it was quite an unpleasant situation to see smoke and engulfed in it again ... :-)

Do click here to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 Back, left: Joseph Yong, TanHC and friend, Austin, Marie, Wendy Chiam; 
Front: KC Leong, Sharon Tan, Jesslyn, Sachi, Lana.

 At the waterfall area ... other than enjoying the splashing of water, one can even take a dip in the mini pool below

 From a different angle

 Cooking Maggie mee; sure taste good in the outdoor. 
Smoke gets into the eyes ... this time, localized creation ... :-)

 Energized pose ...

 All ladies

 Lana and Wendy having a fun time soaking in the water with the massage from the splashing water

 Going uphill pose ...

 Relaxing in the outdoor on a hot afternoon ... at Saga Hilltop Station

 At Saga Hilltop Station

 Return to Apek Hill Station 6 ... Lana taking water from the water filter installed by the volunteers

Rewarding oneself with the fragrant coconut juice at the end of a good trekking trip.

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