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Bukit Tabur

Browsing through my blogsite for trekking at Bukit Tabur, time passes really fast that the last time I set foot at Bukit Tabur was 4 years ago. Since I took up trail running, I have been busy running around in other earth-based hills – but not this rock-based hill.

Another name for Bukit Tabur is Klang Gate Ridge which is a quartz ridge. Luckily, there is no gold in the quartz; otherwise, this hill would be flatten long time ago.

The idea of trekking at Bukit Tabur was mooted by SuWF when she is supposed to join her group of friends to trek Bukit Tabur. With a turn of event, her group was not going and I decided to come with a few other trekker friends on 6 July 2013, Saturday.

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 Patrick Yee using his Samsung Note II to capture some of the scenes

After 4 years, the trails are now much wider and prominent. At certain areas, they even have parallel trails to cater for the big number of trekkers. 

I see that there are some arrow signs painted on the rock. That is good. However, I also see gratify at many rock surfaces.

Taking photos at the most strategic point offering a good panoramic view of the surrounding is not easy as everyone wants to be there standing among the rocks.

 The city view with houses and condo nestle among hills

Last time, we used to stop at certain far end and we returned the same way repeating the precarious rock climbing tasks again. This time, led by SuWF, we returned via the orchard way. So a few of the team members who were first time trekking this hill were relief after hearing the decision. Round trip is about 3.5 hours.

 The most scenic spot for taking photos

One interesting observation: I never see those trekkers ahead of me to return the same way competing for the narrow strip of space thus causing congestion. Just like what we were doing, I presume they all go down the hill via the orchard way which is a good idea. You can imagine that going up the ridge is like a one way flow of human traffic.

 SuWF, Sachi and Japanese friend, KC Leong

While going via the orchard way, the trail would lead one passing by a worker’s quarter. I met a worker wearing a reading glass reading a Malay dairy in the quiet plantation. According to him, with the clearing of other nearby forest for housing and development, many of the monkeys come to this orchard and they eat all fruits – whether ripe or otherwise. Which means all the durian, even before they are formed, have been eaten.

 The other team members happily posing for photos

 Notice the other trekker in red who is climbing up the rock surface ... a trekker must have strong arms and not fearful of height 
Another tricky situation trying to cross this peak

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