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Mount Semeru

The group went for a 10D9N trekking and holidays trip at Mount Semeru, Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen from 20-29 July 2013. These are the volcanic mountains locate at east Java.

Do CLICK HERE to view 201 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC). 

This is Part 1 of the photos showing the ascent to Mount Semeru (3676m); stay tuned for more photos of Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen and  water rafting.

Mount Semeru is a tough mountain to climb because of the steep slope couple with loose volcanic stones and sands. Every step forward in the final ascent (of about 2km) could be sliding down almost of the same distance, if not more. At that moment in the ascent, in my mind, any mountain of firm landing is easier. 

If you are motivated to trek in Indonesia, try Mount Rinjani first (in Lombok Island, next to Bali). This mountain is a few times more difficult to climb than Mount Rinjani.  

Do wait for all group photos from Joseph’s dSLR camera, the official cameraman of the group and also the organizer of this trip.

Day 2 morning ... the peaceful and tranquil environment where farmers started work early (in front of the guesthouse that the group stay) 

 Guesthouse at Tumpang Village, Batu, Malang, East Java. 

 A unique local breakfast … (left) George, Sharon Tan, Jesslyn, Marie, and Joseph Yong 

 KC Leong, SK, Fiona, WongFK and Sharon Tan

 A Hindu temple at the top of a hill of Ranupane Village … the starting point for trekking to Mount Semeru 

 The start of the journey traversing the many onion and cabbage and other vegetable plantations 

 Sharon Tan, George, SK and WongFK 

 Descending a hill en route to savannah area  
 At the savannah area … Marie, Sharon Tan, Wong FK, Jesslyn, Fiona, KC Leong … far away are George and SK. 

 Passing by the scenic Ranu Kumbolo lake where the group camped one night after returning from the peak of Mount Semeru. 

 Passing by a vast land of wild Lavender flowers 

 At Kalimati campsite … the base camp for next morning’s summit to Mount Semeru. The group started the ascent at 1:30 a.m.

 Above hills and clouds for the beautiful sunrise while climbing up Mt Semeru 

 Up close … White fume spewing out from the active Semeru volcano 

 Yeah! I made it to the peak of Mount Semeru! Trekkers can walk around here with the flat and rocky terrain. 

It was a tough climb going up with more than a kilometer of loose volcanic stones, sand, that slide down whenever one try to advance a step upward.
 But descending the mountain is easy that kick up lot of dust with the fast-paced movement. While it takes 4 hours to go up this part of the barren ground, it only take 45 minutes to descent!
Average timing from base camp to peak is between 5 to 7 hours (one way) ... Fiona descending the mountain with ease

 Steep slope … this is almost the actual slope when one look down the mountain.

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If you have not been to Mount Rinjani, do click here to view some of the photos taken by me during my previous trip there.

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