Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gunung Nuang Trail Running

This training event at Gunung Nuang on Saturday, 13 July 2013 was initiated by Tony Q for those who are taking part in the TMBT Ultra-marathon trail event (in September 2013).

After the previous evening's rain, the ground at Gunung Nuang was a bit wet but it was not slippery. The best thing was that the air was really fresh and cool. At one location before reaching the Pondok (end of Jalan Balak), we could feel the crisp and super cooling surrounding.

Do click here to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC).

Tony Q (right) giving a safety instruction briefing to the team members

Those keng chow (strong) trail runners that I met were AB Tan, Yim Heng Fatt, Daniel Tan, Yoong Wai Loon; I also met another few keng chow trail runners swiftly running down the mountains: Shine Teh, Rothman Fong, and Lim Kok Kien.

We met a mat salleh couple at the Pondok (end of Jalan Balak). After assisting us in taking group photos, they continued their journey. Not knowing the way, they went beyond the first stream crossing where there is a rusty overhead pipe. Luckily we saw them and directed them back to the correct trail.

 A group photo before the start of trail running/trekking

Yoong Wai Loon and Debbie Tan were doing a long-haul trekking/trail running: from the car park, they would arrive at Nuang Peak and then go down to Janda Baik side and return – what an incredible feat (or feet)!

The brief moment at Kem Pacat, the tall and good looking Yoong Wai Loon was like the main star taking photos with all the trekker friends that he knows.

 Ching Soo Ming, ... AB Tan, Michael Wong, KC Leong, Rich Chai, Debbie Tan ... at the Pondok area

I stopped at Kem Pacat; together with Michael Wong, we hurriedly went down the mountain while the rest proceeded their journey to the peak. Total time taken was 4 hr 20 minutes. Each way is about 2 hours with 20 minutes rest at Kem Pacat.

I have to do a last-minute shopping for Mt Semero_Bromo_Ijen trekking at Indonesia next Saturday (20 July 2013 for 10D9N).

 Rich Chai showing his DIY sandal for barefoot runners while Debbie Tan looked on

 At the signature tree, Kem Pacat ... KC Leong, Yoong Wai Loon, Debbie Tan, Rich Chai, Michael Wong

 Yoong with two fast lady trail runner friends

 Colourful plants lining along the track

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