Monday, May 15, 2006

In Flagrante Delicito

What is so special about the photo below? I was missing! By right, I should be in the photo. Since I was the cameraman, as such, you do not see me in it. Yes, these are a few members of the cast performing in the coming comedy skit.

On Sunday afternoon, 14 May, I went for the second rehearsal. This comedy skit is a Club project staged bravely by the Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club, of which I am one of the members. We are actually applying the public speaking skills and expanding our horizons.

A Toastmasters member spends time and effort on honing public speaking skills: body language including gestures, facial expression that enhances the message; eye contact that helps communicate the message and achieve the speech’s purpose; vocal variety of varying voice volume, pitch, rate and quality to add meaning and interest to the message; and much more.

The Director, Logi, briefed the outline and main structure of the story to the cast, which consists of about twenty Club members. After performing almost ten comedy skits with Monti, another partner, they sure know how to arrange the ideas, the scenes and the acts together to give strong impact to the comedy skit.

The title “In Flagrante Delicito” is actually Latin words which literary or humorously means “caught in the act”. Even when he briefed us, there was already full of laughter from the cast. I shall keep you in suspense by not revealing much about the story.

These words first caught my attention a few weeks ago. I read in the Star newspaper that one guy was caught in flagrante delicito for sex. When the police raided and stormed into the hotel room, the guy was caught red-handed. I was not sure whether Logi was reading the same piece of news. Don’t worry, admittance of this comedy skit is classified for general viewing and it is not for eighteen and above.

A file photo showing a comedy act during Club Installation Nite on 16 Setember 2005 -- Mei Han and yours truly. To view more photos, please click "Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club" link at the left sidebar of this web site. Scroll to the bottom of the postings.

Clashing of Three Activities

The Producer, another distinguished speaker from the Club, announced yesterday that the shows would be scheduled from 26 to 30 July at the Actors’ Studio, Bangsar Shopping Complex, Kuala Lumpur. From Wednesday to Saturday, the shows would be staged at 8.30 pm except on the last day, Sunday, where it would be staged at 3 pm.

Now, I am in a dilemma. The Penang Bridge Marathon is clashing with Powerman Duathlon at Putrajaya on 30 July. My group of running friends preferred Penang Bridge Marathon over Duathlon as the Penang Bridge Marathon was miraculously absent for three years. Missing in this run could mean another few years of waiting. Now, the comedy skit is clashing with these two activities.

After giving much thought, this is my plan on split personality: I would perform show on Saturday night, 29 July, go for Duathlon race on Sunday morning, 30 July, and then perform the next show on Sunday 3pm. This means I would have to forgo the Penang Bridge Marathon.

What role am I playing? Well, let’s keep it a secret for now. I hope you can come and support me. I am sure it would be fun to watch me performing other than exhibit only happiness (when crossing the finishing line) or agony (when limping with pain for ‘hitting the wall’) in running marathons.

By the way, these two sifus (Logi and Monti) will be performing from 14 to 18 June, 8.30pm at The Actors Studio, Bangsar Shopping Complex. Come and enjoy yourselves, and submerged in an evening fill with laughter. Reservation: 03-2094 0400 or 03-2094 1400.


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