Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Emperor Penguin Runners

Next posting would be on Sunday evening, 14 May. To all runners and friends: Enjoy the long holidays as Friday is Wesak Day holiday.

Would you like to join us in a 20 km training run on Sunday 14 May, at 6am?

The Penguin runners stopped short of explicitly giving me a friendly “ultimatum” since I was absent in the training run on last Sunday morning for reason not due to weather condition. Previously, Meng (Penguin-2) said: Run under all weather conditions. Now, requirement has been modified to plug the loophole: Run under all weather and physical conditions.

Here is the running schedule drawn up by Meng:

Date: 14 May 2006, Sunday
Time: Stretching exercise at 5.45am; start at 6am.
Distance: 20 km
Route: To and fro Bukit Aman car park and Sri Hartamas
Speed: Penguin pace – about 6 to 7 minutes per Kilometer (as you can see, it is very relaxing speed that the fast runners could possibly doze off while running)
Conditions: Run under all weather and physical conditions.

P… A… R

The Pacemakers (PM) group will be staging a PAR (Pacemakers Anniversary Run) on 3 June 2006. It is a fun run aim to foster closer relationship among runners amid some serious running to reaffirm a runner’s PB (personal best) timing.

After a few emails, the KL Penguin Runners still could not confirm the participation. So, PM1 (Ronnie) dispatched PM22 (Tey Eng Tiong) to liaise with these runners, who seemed not decided on the line-up yet – which is one step better than before.

Here are the interesting exchanges of emails:

Tey: As I was requested by PM1 – who is by now in Thailand “makan angin” (holidaying) – please let me know if you guys have decided to participate in this race. Each team comprises of four runners and each runner is to run two laps at KLCC Park. Guarantee all will be winner and every winner will receive a trophy each. Ya, the entry fee is RM 20 per runner and we give trophy of excellent quality. Guarantee! You get what you pay for.

Meng (P2): Dear Bruder Tey, we are still in the midst of discussing our strategy of forming a team. We will definitely get back to you before the closing date of 14 May.

A few days later, P2, the Team Manager, replied:

This is to confirm to you that the KL Penguin Runners would like to participate in the PAR.

The gallant runners are as follows:-

Meng (Penguin 2)
Tony (Penguin 3)
Eric (Penguin 10)
Chee Wee (Penguin 11)

I will pay the entry fees of RM80-00 to you or Ronnie when we meet up in one of the coming Sunday morning runs at Bukit Aman. (I also do not know which Sunday lah … hahaha)

Anyway, thank you very much to the Pacemakers Group for inviting the KL Penguin Runners to participate in the forever-popular PAR.

[Comment by KC: Since we have excess runners, Penguin 1 is most delighted to be the cameraman.]

Penguin 3 broke his silence:
Bro Tey, we, the “Emperor” Penguins only worry if it is a hot day lah. Hope that it will “snow” on that day as we can glide with our belly… hahahaha. We still have “secret weapons” on race day… Hmmmm.

Tey: Wah! Based on averaging power, Penguins are very strong to get Champion liao! Plus “secret weapons” some more…. Hmmmmmm… who can fight? Hahahaha.

Finally, Penguin 11 cannot "tahan" leh:
Wah loh! "secret weapons"? It must be a Penguin type of weapon which I have yet to learn from you guys. I only know that the secret weapons in running are strong bodies, legs, hands, lungs, eyes [comment by KC: must be for zero-in on 'leng lui' lah], colourful outfits and expensive shoes. Hahaha!

Stay tune for the “secret weapons”. No! We are not doing Michael Jackon’s moonwalk style to run.

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