Tuesday, May 16, 2006

GGG - Gadgets Gears Girls

One of my learned friends, M.C., after viewing the Power Run photos taken by my on 19 March, wrote one email to me a few days later. She said:

“… I particularly liked the ones with runners in action. Every single person is captured with a lot of "feel". I would suggest a theme for the next run: "gadgets, gears and girls" – so everything from iPod, MP3, drinks belt, Skins clothing, caps, T-shirts, sunglasses and females in action.”
Chantelle, Stephanie

Well, that was a brilliant idea coined by her. So, after the Power run, I was contemplating as to when to activate this theme.

I recognize that there are many girls who run with caps, sunglasses, portable music devices, etc. Most guy runners, however, do not run with these gadgets. It was evidence when I browsed through my repository of photos taken since Mizuno Wave Run on 18 December 2005.
Vivian, Ai Ling

I remembered long time ago, a male runner by the name of Asoka once told me jokingly of running a marathon: “If guys could run unclothed, it would even be better as that, would really mean running free – much like born free – and we do not need to carry extra weight or restricted by those things we put on.” Well, that was a unique remark as opposed to wearing gadgets when running.
Christine, Lisa

I think the time is right for me to apply this GGG theme on the coming New Balance 15km Run on this Sunday, 21 May 2006. With the theme in mind, I have a better focus when taking photos. It is also a test of my skill as to how fast I could response with these conditions.

I would not be running in this race; instead, I would assist PACM Club photographer, Mr. Chan Wing Kai, to take photos. Covering an event successfully requires at least a few cameramen. I remembered in MMDS1 Duathlon at Dataran Merdeka on 23 April, there were at least five photographers/cameramen with SLR cameras roaming around – including yours truly – seeking for memorable subjects.
x Siok Ling,

To view Power Run photos, please click at March 2006 Archives at the left sidebar of this web site. Scroll to the correct posting.

Maybe I should also pay attention to runners who wear pouches produced by Pacesetters Club. The bags are tied round the waist for carrying bottled water when running.

Here are my pick of the best female photos in running actions.


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