Sunday, May 28, 2006

Post NB15 Re-run

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I arrived at Padang Merbuk car park at 6.40am. There were quite a number of runners arrived there earlier and they looked all geared up and ready to start the run. Jenny Lim gave me a bib number and I recorded my details on a sheet of paper preceded with names of other runners.

It was a superb weather that morning – cool and the sky was slightly overcast. However, the weather was a big contrast with heavy rain almost whole night. It actually gave me the scare when it started to rain again at 5.45am. Luckily, it stopped abruptly after 15 minutes later.

There wasn’t any official flag off. Around 7am, we just started our run. It was more of a fun run and ran with other friends. There weren’t any road marshals; anyway, the seasoned runners knew the course.

I ran with Chee Wee, Jason and his gf, Miss Lai, and Yee Hue. Since there were many runners that morning, we let the two lady runners, who ran at slower paces, to run with other runners. After running up the first hill, we met Ronnie, Pacemaker-1. While overtaking him, I said that was the first time we were able to overtake Ronnie. He assumed as the running coach for his better half.

There were two water stations: the first one was located near Selangor Property Area (about 5km mark) manned by Mr. Lay, TanPM and Vivian. The second water station, located near traffic junction around Government Offices (about 9km mark) was manned by Sharon and other lady runners.

Back at Padang Merbuk car park, to simulate actual condition, the runners were asked to turn right to run the final 50 meters. Many volunteers took turns to present the medals to those that crossed the imaginary finishing line – minus the New Balance structure.

It was a superb occasion to run a mid-range course and at the same time, meeting up friends of Pacesetters Club.


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