Tuesday, January 30, 2007

GE30k - More Photos

Please click here to view Part 3 of photo album (256 photos) taken by Chan Wing Kai, photographer of Pacesetters Club. For Part 1 and 2, please scroll down the web page.

I read May's email in the evening before I left office on Monday 29 January. She is a Pacesetters runner who ran in the GE20k. Driving my car on my way home, I was guessing who is the runner whom she had voted "The Most Beautiful".
Without even reviewing Part 2 and 3 of the photo albums taken by Chan Wing Kai, she had already made the nomination. That runner must be attractive. She said that even the photo number DSC_8668 is beautiful.

When I took a look of the photo, I was really surprised that the person in the photo is ___ (hahahaha... you know the name). I guess May could be referring to the two girls with shapely figure.

I shall proceed to process Tey Eng Tiong's photo albums – the fifth cameraman covering the GE30k event. It was indeed a new record for Pacesetters Club that GE30k Run attracted five cameramen and each had produced a few hundred good photos (actual numbers of photos taken are much higher).

What you see and download via Internet differs very much from the original copy in term of clarity and colour balance. All photos have been resized with medium quality to shrink file size for preference of swift transmission over Internet.

The photo below (DSC_8668) is extracted from Part 1 of photo album taken by ChanWingKai.

Monday, January 29, 2007

LSD and Happenings

Please click here to view Part 2 of photo album (268 photos) taken by Chan Wing Kai.

Part 3, the last part, is still in progress. Click here for Part 1.

The four photos below are by courtesy of Tey Eng Tiong's from his photo album of GE30k Run taken on 21 January.

Strangely, it was a little quiet at the Bukit Aman car park that morning, Sunday 28 January 2007. When I arrived there at 5:40 a.m., I did not see any runners gathered at The Retaining Wall – the starting area. Quite surprisingly, there were less than 20 cars at the car park. I presume that most runners must be resting after last Sunday’s GE30k Run.

That morning, other than Lim FW and Chin YH, the other new runners in the pack were Christopher, Siok Bee and Mr. Chan.

The other two Penguin Runners, Jason Chin (P12) and Chee Wee (P11) were running the day before, 27 January.

Chan, a slightly overweight thirty-something’s who attributed that the extras is due to numerous supper, is actually a chef with a leading 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. He said that his fried kueh teow is sold at RM 30 per plate in the hotel. So I jokingly said that next time, when we have outings, he can demonstrate his superb culinary skill to us.

Heel Pain

My left knee was almost fully healed since I slipped on 12 January. However, I have another bigger problem – pain at my right heel (commonly called Plantar Fasciitis). I did feel discomfort when running the 20km training run that morning. The pain started when I trained and ran in the EDGE Kuala Lumpur Executive Rat Race in September 2006. I must have run too fast and too hard.

Back at Bukit Aman car park, I chatted with Eric Teo (Penguin-10). He suggested that I can try cycling as a mean to avoid the impact at the heel that aggravates the problem. Pacesetters Club photographer, Chan Wing Kai, was in the conversation, and he said, “You can take photos.”


I joined in the conversation with SK Goh and Daniel where their topic was on Daniel’s macho moustache. Among other things, they mentioned that the air was slightly cooler. That reminded me that Chinese New Year is only three weeks away. With wind direction blowing from north (cold front of Siberia), the wind is cool and dry when arriving here. It also means that the wet season is almost over.

Nestle 5km All Ladies’ Walk

That morning, there was a Nestle 5km All Ladies’ Walk where all participants passed by Bukit Aman car park. We started cheering the walkers when they walked pass us. Though Pacesetters runners were at ease in running, I saw that walking fast was not easy for them.

I could hear following remarks:
“Walk faster!”
“Run faster!” (But it is a walking event)
“Yeah, you are looking good!”
“Come on, Pacesetters runners!”

Standing there cheering the walkers, it reminded me when I first cheered cyclists in the Duathlon race in early 2005 where they passed by Bukit Aman car park. That was when I started to take part in Duathlon races. Shall I take part in big walk since there is pain in my heel now? I started to consider this option too.


The Adidas team, led by Mr. Krishnan, Head of Running of adidas, set up a booth just next to the public toilet of Bukit Aman car park. They were promoting the latest range of adidas running shoes. There was a computerized foot-scanning device that can measure a runner's feet pronation complete with coloured printout to determine the best fit model.

It may sound funny to set up a booth next to a toilet but that was a strategic location as almost all runners would go to toilet after the run, and would not miss it.
Flu and Marathon

I chatted with another runner who ran in the recent Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on 3 Dec 2006. He contracted flu prior to the event. He encountered difficulty at 27km mark but he persevered – as all marathon runners do – and managed to complete the race with run/walk technique.

He was later admitted into hospital for almost one week due to water retention in the upper lung and swollen in the kidney. He is advised by doctor to stop running full marathon for one year though he can run shorter distance.

So, for those marathon runners, it is indeed an incredible feat to complete a full marathon as it is a sign that all systems in our bodies are working seamlessly to pull us through the finishing line.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Nominations at GE30k

First part of photo album taken by Chan Wing Kai, Pacesetters Club Photographer, is ready. Please click here to view 292 photos (Part 1 of 3).
The following awards are the selection of Moira for the recent GE30k run. She is a Pacesetters runner from Penang. Please scroll down the pages to have a glimpse of her, who looks like the famous Hong Kong singer, Sally Yeh.
Most relaxed runner

Most determined runner

Most cutest dimple

Most proud of bib number

Most in need of water

Most Happy Couple

Most Cheerful Runner

Best display of arm bands

Most Monkey Business

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Never Run Alone

“Do you have Meng’s (Penguin-2) handphone number?” Jason Chin (Penguin-12) called my handphone on Sunday morning, 14 January. He sounded serious. I was relaxing and having a simple breakfast of roti canai and teh tarik at my favourite restaurant, Di-Kayu Nasi Kandar of USJ, Subang Jaya. He said Meng last saw Miss Lai, his girlfriend, at Bukit Aman car park but then Lai was not seen for almost one hour. I was speechless.

I was supposed to run with them for 20km training run too. Due to a slip two evenings before, I hurt my knee and I was out of action.

While searching for Meng’s h/p number and sending it via SMS, my mind could not focus but kept thinking that how a girl runner could be missing from Bukit Aman car park for one hour? I blocked my mind for thinking of the worst that could have happened.

Later, Jason Chin called back and said they found her again -- what a relief.

Email from Jason Chin:

Well, Last Sunday was quite an experience to me. It was Lai's first long run to Sri Hartamas and she was eager to tell me all about it. When she finished her run at 9am back at Bukit Aman, she walked to Bank Negara hoping to meet me while I was on my round back from Hartamas.

On that morning, ChinYH, Eric Teo (Penguin-10) and I were doing two loops of Sri Hartamas and we decided to change our usual route back to Bukit Aman via Double Hill way passing by the Tugu Monument. I finished at Bukit Aman at 9:20am and from then I waited for her until 10:30am where all this while she was at Bank Negara wondering where I was. Finally, she came back at 10:30am.

Eric and Vivian, thank you both for offering your help to look for her at the Lake Gardens park area.

Meng was never sounded this serious when he called me! Thanks!

ChinYH was speechless when I called him about it, same with you, KC!

Thank you guys. I have been running alone for many years before I joined Pacesetters Club, and since last Sunday, I know I will never run alone again!


Jason Chin (P12)
16 January 2007

Note by KC:

For those brave girl runners, it is much safer to run in a group or at least with another runner. Never run alone. You have all the good-hearted guys worrying for you.

This reminds me of Chee Wee (Pengiun-11) once said: (something like that) we can form a company to provide safety services to accompany other girl runners... :-)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"The Most" Award of GE30K

With photos taken by Jason Lee, Christopher and Yours Truly for the GE30k event, I have a total of 1,000 photos posted in the Internet. Let us entertain ourselves by looking at them from awards winning stand-point accompanied by the most appropriate title of awards. Don't be overly concern if you disagree with my selection... just smile.

When I receive the other batches of photos from Chan Wing Kai and Tey Eng Tiong, we shall have another round of selection.

The nominations are as follows:
Runner Category

The Most Satisfying Runner

The Most Graceful

The Most Happy

The Most Focus

The Most Relax

The Most Lightweight

The Most Balanced

Photographer Category

The Most Unique

The Most Professional

The Most Cute

The Most Extravagant

By KC :-)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Great Eastern 30km / 20km Run (GE30k)

The photos taken by the third photographer, Christopher, are ready. Please scroll down the page for the link.

Take your time to view and download the photos.

Photos taken by the fourth and fifth photographers: Chan Wing Kai and Tey Eng Tiong will only be ready this Sunday evening, 28 January. As I heard from them, they have taken almost 1,000 photos each !!!! This event was truly amazing in term of taking photos. Five photographers volunteered their time, effort and photographic equipment to record a memorable event for you.

Photos are by courtesy of Jason Lee.
Album 1 (82 photos) using Nikon dSLR D70s. Please click here.
Album 2 (246 photos) using new Nikon dSLR D80. Please click here.

Photos by KC Leong are ready:
Part 1 (169 photos). Please click here.
Part 2 (173 photos). Please click here.
Photos by Christopher are ready:
Please click here to view 237 photos.

Stay tune for more interesting photos...
a. remember to press F11 function key to expand the viewing area; press again to return to normal.
b. point cursor at "please click here" above, right click, select Open in New Window to open another browser window for ease in viewing photos.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Comments by Penguin Bro

Comments by Chee Wee (penguin-11)

Well, KC, this is an interesting story. I agree with you that some runners did not run fast enough at the beginning or middle of a race; but at the last 100 meter, he would sprint with his last ounce of energy to cross the finishing line and worst still, collapsed at the finishing area that attracted a lot of attention.
This is called a "Hero style, ada gaya!" For that runner, he has pushed and given his last breath for the heroic crossing at finishing line in style.

Nevertheless, it is a truly an experience to share with other runners. For the coming GE30/20km Run, all runners will be aware of this incident when crossing the finishing line. One must look back and forth to ensure a secure distance when crossing the finishing line – just like crossing the road, make sure no traffic.

Don't be too upset with the photo; I believe you have a better photo to fix on the certificate.

Comment by Tony (penguin-3)

I empathize with you of your surprise encounter while crossing the finishing line. In races, you are the winner when you cross the finishing line regardless of time.

It is a norm for all runners when they see the finishing line, there will be a surge of adrenaline and they would pick up speed, no matter how tired the earlier body condition.

At the finishing line of certain races, barricades of individual lanes are set up at the last 50 meters so that runners do not run too fast until they can’t stop in time and bang the race officials.
In every race, I will normally tell runners who train under me that the last 100 meters is where you make the difference – whether you will get a medal or miss it.

So, KC, next time when you reach the finishing line, run as fast as you can so that other runners can not overtake you and give you surprises.

Mistaken Identity: KC, are you sure that certificate is yours? To add on to the confusion, at least four colleagues said that the runner behind A0019 is me after seeing the certificate…hahaha.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sprinting at the Wrong Moment?

The 2006 Great Eastern-Pacesetter 30km certificate of completion looks colourful and unique. One of the high-tech features is that a runner’s photo while crossing the finishing line is printed as part of the certificate. The paper quality is good as the entire piece of A4-sized paper is of photographic material.

But there is something wrong with this certificate (refer to photos below). Are you able to detect it? The runner crossing the finishing is not yours truly although the name and other details were accurate. I was behind A0019. Please do not get me wrong, there was no fault by the official photographer or computer system that automated the printing of certificates.

Crossing the Finishing Line

On race day, when A0019 suddenly sprinted and overtook me unexpectedly just a few meters before the finishing line, I knew things could have gone wrong. I was taken aback with his sudden move where I was positioning myself and put on the best smiles for photos shot.

One may argue that a runner has the right to overtake another runner from gun off until crossing the finishing point – any moment. I agree with the statement if this applies to top runner vying for top positions. But at 118th position (in all categories), there was no difference when a runner was sprinting at the last few meter to overtake another runner.


A runner need to know the protocol and the mutual understanding when crossing the finishing line: when the runners in front slowed down, it is with great respect to other fellow runners that the runners behind slowed down accordingly and not jump queue. Sometime, the queue is created while waiting for officials to record runners’ details, while the clock is ticking.

Just like in studies, a person’s comprehension of a subject matter is reshaped with years of hard work and not the last minute “burning of midnight lamp”.

What to do with my Certificate?

Weng empathized with me and told me an alternative: take any photo of mine taken by Club’s official photographer and paste my photo over it. Sound workable but ...

I hope that the sudden sprint by A0019 did not cause a chain-reaction error that the preceding or following certificates did not synchronize photos with names. It is possible too that his certificate was printed with another runner’s photo.

Well, the 2007 Great Eastern - Pacesetters 30km Run is this Sunday morning. Wishing you an enjoyable run; remember to wave your hands, put on your mega-watt smiles.

By KC :-))

Monday, January 15, 2007

An Enjoyable Run at Sepang Gold Coast

Please click here to view photos taken by Jason Lee.
“Wah! The host was really thoughtful,” one runner was commenting while admiring at another runner who was busy eating. His left hand was holding a fork stuck with a piece of steam tapioca and precariously balancing with a bowl of red bean “tong sui” while the right hand was holding a tablespoon ready for the next mouthful. “That must be the carbo-loading before the run,” I quipped.

When the runners alighted from a convoy of vehicles, Chee Wee parent’s bungalow was bustling with activities. It was filled with laughter amid greetings and conversation. Without starting the run, the endorphin was circulating in our bodies already.

We were pleased that the host, Chee Wee a.k.a Penguin-11, was spending considerable amount of time boiling the red bean “tong sui” and steaming tapioca to welcome the Penguin Runners and friends.

The Journey

To go or not to go to Sungai Pelek? At noon on Saturday 6 January, the sky was gloomy. After reading the Star newspaper the day before with headline “Storm Brewing”, I have reservation whether to proceed.

As reported, the northern and east coast states would be bracing for thunderstorms, heavy rain as strong winds may develop into a cyclone. Severe weather was expected to hit a few states; the only consolation was that the newspaper did not mention Selangor state.

In oversea countries, the people would change plan according to weather forecast. Nevertheless, I just take a little risk and adhere with the plan.

When Jason Lee, one of the photographers of Pacesetters Club, arrived at my house in a new Toyota Innova, he was prepared to drive there. So, I have to transfer all my stuff into his MPV. That include an icebox containing six big bottles of pre-chilled 100 Plus drinks which yours truly was sponsoring. We later went to pick up Rose, but her friends could not join us.

The journey from USJ Subang Jaya to Sepang Gold Coast via KLIA route took about one hour traveling in 90km/hour speed limit. There was slight drizzle along the way. However, we would prefer a downpour and clear sky later at Sungai Pelek.

Yours truly - put on the best smiles

Starting the Run

At 3:45 p.m., we were the first car to arrive, other than Chee Wee. We were pleased to see the blue sky there. Half hour later, a convoy of cars arrived. The moment runners met and started to talk, time passed really fast. When we were ready after the photos session, it was almost 5:00 p.m., one hour behind schedule.

It was quite an interesting sight: Chee Wee has leading the pack of runners while Jezamine, Eric and Gerald were cycling; followed by a convoy of vehicles. All were heading toward the beach. It was windy while running at the housing area almost devoid of vehicle. We run through the kampong road en route to the beach. Since it was a light-and-easy fun run, we were running at relaxing pace and chatting along the way.

Immediately arriving at the beach, I spotted Jason Lee who was busy taking photos of runners in action. He was using two Nikon dSLR cameras, a D70s and a newly bought new model of D80. Depending on the requirement, I could imagine that he interchanged from a short-gun (wide-angle lens) to a bazooka (tele-lens).

Gold Coast

Further down the beach, we arrived at the location where Tony had set up the food-cum-water station at one of the “pondok” (shelter). Tony was actually setting up the mini gas stove for frying burger.

With the strong breeze, Eric, Lee and PK Chan were acting as wind-breaker to shield the wind from extinguishing the fire.

There was lots of food to go round. A few of the runners were concerned that the amount of food that we ate was more than the calories required to run that short distance for a duration of only half an hour.

So Chee Wee led the pack of runners and ran to the other end of the beach passing by Sepang Goldcoast site-office. He was wearing a yellow Pacesetters Club T-shirt which instantly provided much details to on-lookers where we came from. When we run, there were cars that slowed down or just stop for a while to let the runners pass. We were like head-turner: when we ran, I observed some people were turning their heads at us too.

It was a rare occasion that Chan Wing Kai, the Club’s photographer, and I were in the same photo. Three photographers of Pacesetters Club (including Jason Lee) were congregated in the same outing.

We were eating, chatting and some, running until 6:30 p.m. to have a glimpse of sunset. The hue was just ordinary as there were quite a fair bit of clouds that blocked the ray. After admiring the sunset, we started to run back at 7:10 p.m. The journey took about 35 minutes and the sky was almost dark.

Seafood Dinner

Chee Wee parent’s house was busy with runners again. This time, we were busy taking turn to take bath. Poula Chong has a great idea to speed up the process: he used a garden hose to bathe at the garden with a table blocking the view.

We later adjourned to seafood restaurant in Tanjong Sepat for dinner. Reaching the restaurant at 9:00 p.m., all diners have left and about 10 workers were waiting for our arrival. We have the entire air-con room to ourselves – we occupied two tables with 14 persons each.

Seated:Ross, Tim, Simon
Middle Row:Ong Siok Leng, Gerard Pereira, Sonny Ng, PK Chan, Jenny Leong, Jezamine, Molly, Agnes Chin, Rose, Yap Keng Peng, Siok Bee, YeohSC, Chan Wing Kai, Joo Ean, Eric Teo, Vivian Ngok.
Third Row:KC Leong, Paulo Chong, Chee Wee, Phua, Wong, Lee Puh Heng, Tony.

In order to confirm the food, Chee Wee’s family actually came a week before to dine at the same restaurant. The food was served quite fast. True to the name of a seafood dinner, we have fish, prawn, crab, lala, etc. There was lots of laugher from the next table. Chee Wee’s son was able to click very well with the two mat salleh friends.


It was a fun-filled outing with a group of runners who share the common passion. For runners, it is quite true to say that “have runs with travel”. Running not only improves our fitness, but it also fosters closer relationship among runners. I wish you were there too. Well, we will plan for the next outing again.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Careless Move

“Ahhhhhhh!” when I regained my composure, it had already happened. It happened just within split seconds – I slipped. At that very moment, the right leg was extended outward and my entire body weight landed with my left knee hitting the ground.

It hurt. It was really painful at that moment. I could not even walk and I just stood there motionless squeezing the affected area – trying to subdue the pain. With low tolerance to pain, my tears were oozing instantly as an instinct response. There were abrasion with blood and bruises with blue-black marks surrounding the knee.

I just came back from a bout of usual weekly badminton game at 9:00 p.m. The driveway was wet after the Friday evening rain. The light-weighted sandal that I wore must have “no flowers” – poor in traction. I accidentally slide and lost my balance when I walked down the slight slope of the driveway. In this case, instead of landed on my buttocks – not a very artistic pose – I landed quite in style – like those guys proposing to gals. The only different was that my facial expression was in pain and not smiling.

The first thing that came to my mind was that: Oh no! I would not be able the run on the coming Sunday morning, 14 January. And I do not know how long I have to wait for it to heal.

Incidentally, I have just drawn up a training plan preparing for the coming Kuala Lumpur International Marathon (18 March) a few days ago. And this Sunday morning, the group of running friends is supposed to run 20km starting at Bukit Aman car park.

After a heavy rain on Saturday evening, the next morning must nice and cool – most pleasant for a great Sunday morning run. Looks like I will have to give it a miss.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Break Through

If you want something you never had, do something you have never done.

Don't go the way life takes you
Take the life the way you go
and remember you are born to live
and not living because you are born.
This is an email that I recieved today from my friend in Ipoh, Chew Bee Choo. The photo, when viewed in bigger frame, was stuning and clear.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

An Outing to Sepang Gold Coast

All photos are by courtesy of Jason Lee, one of the photographers of Pacesetters Club. Please click here to view 87 photos. The composite photo album contains photos taken by using two Nikon dSLR cameras, D70s and a new D80.

When viewing photos, press F11 function key to expand the viewing area. Press F11 key again to return to normal.

Sonny Ng, Molly, Chee Wee and PK Chan: Enjoying a light-and-easy run to the beach.

The Tony Burger stall is set up by the beach which is at the mid-point. Lots of drinks, tidbits and burger to go round. Input is more than output for running after 5km. Eric, Lee and PK Chan are acting as wind breaker to shield the strong wind from distinguishing the fire.

Running on a different terrain -- no sound of vehicle, only the waves hitting the shore.

Yeah, Good times together.