Sunday, January 21, 2007

Great Eastern 30km / 20km Run (GE30k)

The photos taken by the third photographer, Christopher, are ready. Please scroll down the page for the link.

Take your time to view and download the photos.

Photos taken by the fourth and fifth photographers: Chan Wing Kai and Tey Eng Tiong will only be ready this Sunday evening, 28 January. As I heard from them, they have taken almost 1,000 photos each !!!! This event was truly amazing in term of taking photos. Five photographers volunteered their time, effort and photographic equipment to record a memorable event for you.

Photos are by courtesy of Jason Lee.
Album 1 (82 photos) using Nikon dSLR D70s. Please click here.
Album 2 (246 photos) using new Nikon dSLR D80. Please click here.

Photos by KC Leong are ready:
Part 1 (169 photos). Please click here.
Part 2 (173 photos). Please click here.
Photos by Christopher are ready:
Please click here to view 237 photos.

Stay tune for more interesting photos...
a. remember to press F11 function key to expand the viewing area; press again to return to normal.
b. point cursor at "please click here" above, right click, select Open in New Window to open another browser window for ease in viewing photos.



raihan said...

Hi KC... excellent event yesterday. Looking forward for more picture from you.

raihan of
pacesetter member 3782

Anonymous said...

Good photos, look forward to the rest! Great event and look forward to when you would be running with the camera...

Anonymous said...

Hi KC and friends, well done, great shots. It was my very first 20K and I had fun, thanks to you guys in PACM.

Haza, bib number G1524
new PACM member.

C-CUBE said...

once again we runners have to depend on pro photographers like u all to get the best candid shot of ours while running. Thx a lot for your effort. Really appreciate it.

KC Leong said...

Dear Fellow Esteem Runners,

Thanks for the compliments... :-)
Thanks for your support.

KC :-)

dhawkster said...

Hi. Anyone know where to get the results for this year's great eastern 30km run?