Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sepang Gold Coast (SGC)

Prelude to Sungai Pelek Run

The following runners will be going there for a run on Saturday 6 January 2007:

Tony, Eric Teo, Vivian
PK Chan, Grace, Sonny Ng, Jenny Leong, and a new runner
Agnes Chin, Wong, Ngae
Jezamine, Gerard Pereira, SK Goh
YeohSC, Siok Leng, Siok Bee, Joo Ean
Lee and Yap (Lee's wife)
Tim (Vivian's newphew), Ross and Simon (Tim's friends)
J C (Vivian's friend)
Rose, Jason Lee (the photographer), and KC.

When we (Tony, Eric and I) confirm the name list, coincidently, there are a total of 28 runners – an auspicious number for a New Year run.
Please click here to view the home-page of Sepang Gold Coast.

The equation between Sungai Pelek, Bagan Lalang Beach and SGC: Bagan Lalang Beach is now called Sepang Gold Coast – transformation into a much fashionable name. And the town is called Sungai Pelek. A few days ago, there was an advertisement in the Star newspaper promoting the new development of SGC.

The Journey

We are not going on a convoy as in wedding occasion and tie tin cans with label "Just Arrived" at the back of our cars. Instead, we will go there silently something like treasure hunting style tallying the actual location with Chee Wee's superb location map.

Make sure that we show up at Chee Wee parent’s weekend bungalow retreat in Sg. Pelek before 4:00 p.m. Precision timing is important in order not to miss the sunset, which is one of the main attractions. Otherwise, a slag in timing means we need to run faster at 4.2195 minutes per km in order to compensate the lost time.

Fast Runners

Oh Yes! For those fast runners, this will be the only time that you have to cap your speed. It is important that no one should outrun Chee Wee (Penguin-11), the host, even if we can. He is the only one that knows the route. If you run faster than him, there is a danger that you will end up in Port Dickson and not the seafood dinner restaurant.

Running through the jungle or running to Port Dickson should be a different run with a catchy theme reserved in near future. Besides, there will be one or two girl runners who run a little slower. This means the fast runners will have to do extra service of "loop-back" to accompany them.

Note: not "look back" to admire the girl runners in action, which could easily sprain your neck. For detail procedure on "loop-back", please read Star Wars – The Running saga on 18 August 2005 Archive (on the left sidebar of this weblog).

Runners’ Identification

There will be many kampung folks and holiday makers who might experience rude awakening from the group of runners that appear from no where while they enjoy themselves at the peaceful beach. To save them the trouble of asking around, it is suggested that a few of the runners should wear Pacesetters running attire, which is self-explanatory to onlookers.


There will be a special water-station manned by Tony (Penguin-3). He planned to participate in the AmBank KLIM Circuit #1Training Run on the same morning and rest in the afternoon. Since most stalls operators (and that include our macho guy) put on fashionable sunglasses, make sure you don't get your drink from the wrong stall lining up the beach due to mistaken identify as that would require exchange of payment.


Tony, Eric (Penguin-10), Vivian and Joanne will be camping by the beach at night when the dusk settles down ... that would be truly romantic. The previous time that I camped by the beach was at Teluk Batik beach (Lumut) when I was schooling in Form 2... my gosh, that was really a few decades ago.

If it drizzles that night, they will have to seek shelter in the safety of theirs cars, which are parked a few meters away. However, if it pours, it is suggested that they shift the tents to the car porch area of Chee Wee parent's bungalow for better insulation.

So, we are all set ... Sepang Gold Coast, here we come again.


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