Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"The Most" Award of GE30K

With photos taken by Jason Lee, Christopher and Yours Truly for the GE30k event, I have a total of 1,000 photos posted in the Internet. Let us entertain ourselves by looking at them from awards winning stand-point accompanied by the most appropriate title of awards. Don't be overly concern if you disagree with my selection... just smile.

When I receive the other batches of photos from Chan Wing Kai and Tey Eng Tiong, we shall have another round of selection.

The nominations are as follows:
Runner Category

The Most Satisfying Runner

The Most Graceful

The Most Happy

The Most Focus

The Most Relax

The Most Lightweight

The Most Balanced

Photographer Category

The Most Unique

The Most Professional

The Most Cute

The Most Extravagant

By KC :-)

1 comment:

3088 Silver said...

Cool stuff man! Aw! I missed this year's run...