Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Year-end 20km LSD

I could see quite a number of runners were running on Sunday morning, 31 December starting at Bukit Aman car park. It was indeed a good idea to complete the year 2006 with one final long slow distance run in the morning, and partying in the evening to celebrate the arrival of 2007. Nevertheless, the runners could also be preparing for Great Eastern 30km Run which is three weeks away.

I have not been doing any serious running since my previous participation in Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on 3 December. The last time I passed by the 20km course en route to Sri Hartamas was shooting photos in the Great Eastern 30km actual course with Jason Lee, Weng and a few of the runner models.

There was a new girl runner, Ann, joining us that morning. According to her, the longest distance that she has run so far is only 10km. With marathon runners around, we motivated her to try 20km that morning, which is possible when running in slower pace.

That morning, the pack consisted of: PK Chan, Yee Hua, YeohSC, Tony and a Duathlete, Pathma, whom Eric (penguin-10) met him in Lumut Powerman.

Since it was year-end, the regular 20km-6am runners decided to join Tony to start at 6:30 a.m. After all, there was no need to hurry; we have a few more days of holidays.

While running at the uphill stretch, Yee Hua and Ann were running in front. I jokingly told them that they were the pace setters for the pack.

At the Petronas station in Sri Hartamas (10km mark), we told Ann that no matter what, she has to run back as she did not bring enough money to return by taxi, if necessary.

When we passed by the Willayah Mosque, four sides of the road were parked with cars. Yes, it was Hari Raya Haji day where Muslims performed prayers there.

On the returning journey, we met Lily who was manning a mini water station at the bus stand just after the Duta Highway. There was a white container for storing plain water and three big bottles of chilled 100Plus isotonic drinks placed next to it. The water station was meant for another group training in triathlon. We were most appreciative that Lily was so generous to offer the drinks to us.

Back at Bukit Aman Car Park

We were running in a slow and relax manner. By the time we returned at Bukit Aman car park, it was 9:00 a.m. Ann was doing fine and she was able to complete her maiden 20km run without much difficulty.

I stepped aside to give way to a new black Honda Civic. When the owner wound down the window, I was glad to see Christopher. He twisted his ankle badly during the Subang Jaya 10km run and was out of action for a few months. It was good news that he resumed running though the injury was not fully recovered yet.

After bidding Christopher goodbye, I immediately saw Keshah in clutches walking towards a Toyota Vios which was waiting for him. I managed to chat with him for a while. It was good to see him again. He is recovering from his injury sustained in an accident while running across the busy Duta Highway two weeks before Bangkok marathon.

The next person I met was Munning, the Club President. He was away overseas on business trip. He returned the night before and immediately the next morning, he was at Bukit Aman car park assisting in the administrative matters of the Club.

I later went home feeling satisfied that I have achieved the last LSD of 2006.

Cheers to another exciting 2007.


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