Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Planning for Another Run in Sungai Pelek

Yes, the Penguin runners and friends are starting the 2007 New Year with an organized event – a 13-kilometer, non-competitive and light-and-easy run. Since it is the beginning of an auspicious new year, we do not want to go full-throttle ahead yet, which is best reserved for GE-PACM
30km Run on 21 January.

After the first trial run in Sungai Pelek on 25 November 2006, we will be having a mock run on coming Saturday 6 January. The host for this run is Chee Wee (Penguin-11) whose hometown is in Sungai Pelek.

Please click on the November 2006 Archives (at the left sidebar of this weblog) to view previous report.
Though the name "Sungai" means river in B.Malaysia, we are not running across or into river – that will be a different theme in future's run. The course is a country road surrounded by lush vegetation passing by the peaceful Bagan Lalang beach. After the run, we will spend time together in admiring the colourful sunset by the beach and later reward ourselves with sumptuous seafood dinner.
Judging from the intensity of verbal communication in previous trip, we shall have another round of lively conversation, delightful laughter, sumptous dinner, and good times together to celebrate another year of "running" together.

Traveling time from Kuala Lumpur to Sungai Pelek is less than 1.5 hours with moderate speed in small town areas. Our first destination is Chee Wee parent's weekend bungalow retreat. According to Chee Wee, the runners can bring along towels and clean clothing to take bath there after the run, and the 50 cents entrance fee – as in Bukit Aman car park public toilet – is waived.

Details for the get together are as follows:

Date: Saturday 6 January 2007
Start Time: 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Sungai Pelek

2:30 p.m. : Start of travel from Kuala Lumpur
4:00 p.m. : Start of 13km run at Sg. Pelek
6:30 p.m. : Admire sunset at beach
7:30 p.m. : Travel to seafood restaurant for dinner
9:30 p.m. : Slow walk to jetty to help in digestion and to enjoy the gentle sea breeze
10:00 p.m. : Bon Voyage

Stay tune for more updates...

By KC ... :-)

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