Sunday, January 07, 2007

An Outing to Sepang Gold Coast

All photos are by courtesy of Jason Lee, one of the photographers of Pacesetters Club. Please click here to view 87 photos. The composite photo album contains photos taken by using two Nikon dSLR cameras, D70s and a new D80.

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Sonny Ng, Molly, Chee Wee and PK Chan: Enjoying a light-and-easy run to the beach.

The Tony Burger stall is set up by the beach which is at the mid-point. Lots of drinks, tidbits and burger to go round. Input is more than output for running after 5km. Eric, Lee and PK Chan are acting as wind breaker to shield the strong wind from distinguishing the fire.

Running on a different terrain -- no sound of vehicle, only the waves hitting the shore.

Yeah, Good times together.


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