Tuesday, January 30, 2007

GE30k - More Photos

Please click here to view Part 3 of photo album (256 photos) taken by Chan Wing Kai, photographer of Pacesetters Club. For Part 1 and 2, please scroll down the web page.

I read May's email in the evening before I left office on Monday 29 January. She is a Pacesetters runner who ran in the GE20k. Driving my car on my way home, I was guessing who is the runner whom she had voted "The Most Beautiful".
Without even reviewing Part 2 and 3 of the photo albums taken by Chan Wing Kai, she had already made the nomination. That runner must be attractive. She said that even the photo number DSC_8668 is beautiful.

When I took a look of the photo, I was really surprised that the person in the photo is ___ (hahahaha... you know the name). I guess May could be referring to the two girls with shapely figure.

I shall proceed to process Tey Eng Tiong's photo albums – the fifth cameraman covering the GE30k event. It was indeed a new record for Pacesetters Club that GE30k Run attracted five cameramen and each had produced a few hundred good photos (actual numbers of photos taken are much higher).

What you see and download via Internet differs very much from the original copy in term of clarity and colour balance. All photos have been resized with medium quality to shrink file size for preference of swift transmission over Internet.

The photo below (DSC_8668) is extracted from Part 1 of photo album taken by ChanWingKai.

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