Thursday, January 18, 2007

Comments by Penguin Bro

Comments by Chee Wee (penguin-11)

Well, KC, this is an interesting story. I agree with you that some runners did not run fast enough at the beginning or middle of a race; but at the last 100 meter, he would sprint with his last ounce of energy to cross the finishing line and worst still, collapsed at the finishing area that attracted a lot of attention.
This is called a "Hero style, ada gaya!" For that runner, he has pushed and given his last breath for the heroic crossing at finishing line in style.

Nevertheless, it is a truly an experience to share with other runners. For the coming GE30/20km Run, all runners will be aware of this incident when crossing the finishing line. One must look back and forth to ensure a secure distance when crossing the finishing line – just like crossing the road, make sure no traffic.

Don't be too upset with the photo; I believe you have a better photo to fix on the certificate.

Comment by Tony (penguin-3)

I empathize with you of your surprise encounter while crossing the finishing line. In races, you are the winner when you cross the finishing line regardless of time.

It is a norm for all runners when they see the finishing line, there will be a surge of adrenaline and they would pick up speed, no matter how tired the earlier body condition.

At the finishing line of certain races, barricades of individual lanes are set up at the last 50 meters so that runners do not run too fast until they can’t stop in time and bang the race officials.
In every race, I will normally tell runners who train under me that the last 100 meters is where you make the difference – whether you will get a medal or miss it.

So, KC, next time when you reach the finishing line, run as fast as you can so that other runners can not overtake you and give you surprises.

Mistaken Identity: KC, are you sure that certificate is yours? To add on to the confusion, at least four colleagues said that the runner behind A0019 is me after seeing the certificate…hahaha.

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Sonny Ng said...

If I am not wrong, the photo taken was meant for Runner A0019 and for you because the was no photo of you crossing the Finish Line.
When you are zooming 'Home' you have to run as fast as you can just like Tony said. If the Event had 10 winners and you are coming 'Home' in tenth position and you can be overtaken at the last seconds and you will be placed Eleventh. Just your Luck, huh! Sonny Ng