Thursday, January 25, 2007

Never Run Alone

“Do you have Meng’s (Penguin-2) handphone number?” Jason Chin (Penguin-12) called my handphone on Sunday morning, 14 January. He sounded serious. I was relaxing and having a simple breakfast of roti canai and teh tarik at my favourite restaurant, Di-Kayu Nasi Kandar of USJ, Subang Jaya. He said Meng last saw Miss Lai, his girlfriend, at Bukit Aman car park but then Lai was not seen for almost one hour. I was speechless.

I was supposed to run with them for 20km training run too. Due to a slip two evenings before, I hurt my knee and I was out of action.

While searching for Meng’s h/p number and sending it via SMS, my mind could not focus but kept thinking that how a girl runner could be missing from Bukit Aman car park for one hour? I blocked my mind for thinking of the worst that could have happened.

Later, Jason Chin called back and said they found her again -- what a relief.

Email from Jason Chin:

Well, Last Sunday was quite an experience to me. It was Lai's first long run to Sri Hartamas and she was eager to tell me all about it. When she finished her run at 9am back at Bukit Aman, she walked to Bank Negara hoping to meet me while I was on my round back from Hartamas.

On that morning, ChinYH, Eric Teo (Penguin-10) and I were doing two loops of Sri Hartamas and we decided to change our usual route back to Bukit Aman via Double Hill way passing by the Tugu Monument. I finished at Bukit Aman at 9:20am and from then I waited for her until 10:30am where all this while she was at Bank Negara wondering where I was. Finally, she came back at 10:30am.

Eric and Vivian, thank you both for offering your help to look for her at the Lake Gardens park area.

Meng was never sounded this serious when he called me! Thanks!

ChinYH was speechless when I called him about it, same with you, KC!

Thank you guys. I have been running alone for many years before I joined Pacesetters Club, and since last Sunday, I know I will never run alone again!


Jason Chin (P12)
16 January 2007

Note by KC:

For those brave girl runners, it is much safer to run in a group or at least with another runner. Never run alone. You have all the good-hearted guys worrying for you.

This reminds me of Chee Wee (Pengiun-11) once said: (something like that) we can form a company to provide safety services to accompany other girl runners... :-)

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