Monday, September 07, 2009

Training at Batu Caves

Countdown to Mount Everest Base Camp (EBC) trekking trip = 27 Days

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The Magnificent 7 (with PK Chan having the yow yeng pose)

This time, the training was scheduled at the 272 steps of Batu Caves. It was indeed a challenging endeavor to go up the steps in quick succession. It was tough in the first round with the calf muscles became stiff and tired very quickly. The descent was easier but one has to be careful as the platform for the steps are slightly smaller. After three loops, we could feel our legs were wobbling and we need a few more loops to stabilize them.
. (L-R): Sharon Tan, Shirley, yours truly KC, Rocky Dan, Mak, PK Chan, Carol, Jayne.

The team marches down the steps

There are three path way of steps leading to the caves. So Shirley Quah has a good approach to remember the number of loops one has completed: first path way for Loop #1; second path way for Loop #2; third path way for Loop #3. The fourth loop will repeat at first path way.
When the training was done, the team went for refreshment at a nearby Indian stall selling plenty of fresh coconut drinks. It was indeed a nice experience sipping the refreshing drinks amid laughter and good camaraderie.

A majestic view from top
KC, Mak, Carol, Jayne, Shirley, SharonTan, Rocky Dan, PK Chan
The pigeons liven up the holy place
Later, the team adjourned to the famous sang yee porridge restaurant (near Batu Caves) to have a sumptuous brunch.
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Shukri said...

Hi KC, I would like to wish you and your EBC team a very safe journey and a safe return home. I really have a very high respect to all the team members especially coping with high altitude and also the low temperatures at the EBC in October. All the best :)

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

Hi Shukri,

Thanks for the well wishes... :-) KC