Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Training at Batu Caves (2)

I was awoken by the sound of thunder and continual flashes of lightning this morning at 4:45 a.m., a little earlier than my usual time to wake up. I was thinking: not raining again as last Sunday (6 Sept), it was also raining heavily for hours just before we went for the Bukit Tabur trek. I hope the rain did not deter other trekkers from going for the training at Batu Caves this morning, Sunday 13 September.

This morning, all those that have indicated to participate in the training actually came. I got to meet Irene Ng and her team of trekkers; Su, AB Tan and Rose Chin.

After the morning rain, the air was clean and the environment was calm with many pigeons flying around enjoying the fresh air too.

Most of us did 10 loops while AB Tan is doing 20 loops.

This time, the topics of discussion focus more on the EBC treks: the journey and the trekking gear. Jayne Aw showed us her newly bought hat, down jacket and the compressible plastic bag (called Smart Bag).

Enjoying the fresh coconut juice after 10 rounds of going and down the 272 steps of Batu Caves.
L-R: Jayne, Alexis, Sharon, Ikhwan, Siti, Rocky Dan, KC, Su.
. L-R: Siti, Rocky Dan, KC, Su, Sharon, Jayne, Alexis, Ikhwan.
Jayne is demonstrating the new hat for the coming trekking at EBC (on 4 October) posing for camera behind her new Mercedes Benz E200 Kompressor (tai sei ngan ... with big and small head lamps)

The Arabian Morning - Sharon, Rocky Dan, Alexis, Jayne, Siti and Ikhwan. Ikhwan is showing a compressed down jacket of Jayne in a Smart Bag.

Jayne is showing her nice looking, new down jacket (complete with fur)

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