Sunday, September 13, 2009

Melawati Hill

It was indeed a cool morning after hours of morning rain. Instead of the planned venue of trekking at Bukit Tabur on Sunday morning, 6 September, we decided to walk up a hill nearby – Melawati Hill - lead by Rocky Dan. The reason being after the rain, the trail at Bukit Tabur could be slippery which makes trekking up the hill difficult.

While standing at the peak of Bukit Tabur, Melawati Hill is clearly visible and is a much smaller hill. The tar road leading to the top of Melawai Hill is newly paved with another layer of tarmac. With the gradual slope, it is most ideal for training to run up and down the hill.

L-R: KC, Agnes Tan, Francis Chiong, Alexis, Rocky Dan, Siti, Ikhwan

When we were walking up and down the Melawati Hill, almost all of the Chinese morning walkers know Rocky Dan. Rocky Dan was pleased to introduce that "These are my Mount Everest Base Camp" trekking friends.
As I can see, he is quite famous there. Rocky Dan, Siti and Ikhwan (all three are EBC members) made an early exit while the rest of the team continued with another loop. We then went to the nearby mamak coffee shop for a drink.

Bukit Tabur is being decorated by a layer of white mist/clouds after the morning rain. Background is Genting Highlands.

Top of Melawai Hill -- the flat land is most ideal for group outdoor activities

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