Monday, September 28, 2009

EBC - Camera Batteries and SD Cards

Jason Lee and Osaga Yap

I am pleased to inform that the Jason Lee, Osaga Yap and Weng are most kind to lend me their Nikon Lithium-Ion Battery Pack EN-EL3e and SD cards. So with the extra batteries and memory cards, I do not have to worry much about running out of battery power or memory storage when trekking to the Base Camp of Mount Everest.

Jason Lee even readily lend his CF (compact flash) memory cards after hearing that Pei Ling (EBC team member), who is using Sony Alpha 200 DSLR, requires additional memory cards.

Yap even offer to lend me his portable harddisk for transferring data in SD cards to the portable harddisk (thereby reusing the same SD card again). Since additional equipment means additional batteries, so I just rely on brining many SD cards.


Battery packs for Nikon DSLR and SD memory cards

In the Himalayan region, the lodges use solar panel to convert energy to charge the battery for lighting use. As such, it is not possible at this moment to charge any battery packs of cameras. The only solution is to bring many batteries.

Last year, for the 12-day ABC (Annapurna Base Camp) trekking trip in May 2008, I took about 2,000 shots. So for a 17-day EBC trekking trip this 4 October 2009, it is estimated that I would take 2,800 photos for the Group.

To Jason Lee, Osaga Yap and Weng: thanks for your kind gesture.

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EBC (4 Oct 2009) Team Lead



RunWitMe said...

Take lots of pics...As if you need thiu reminder. :) ENJOY! BON VOYAGE!

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

hi RunWitMe,

thanks for the well wishes... :-) KC