Thursday, September 24, 2009


L-R: Wong, Fiona, Jayne, Leng, Sharon and Joseph.
Joseph is holding the EBC certificate made by him for the EBC Team
(he is not able to join the EBC team)

Joseph Yong invited the EBC team members for fellowship and dinner (and some beers too) on Thursday 17 Sept. The venue of the fine dining was at BRUSSELS. Located at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, it is a popular watering hold for Belgian, German, etc. for beer and good food.
Other than Wong FK, all the other EBC guys were not able to make it on weekday evening. The line-up for the gals trekkers are Fiona, Sharon Tan, Jayne, Leng and Hooi Ling.

Wong was worried as the gals outnumbered the guys. Nevertheless, it was the envy of many guys (for those that could not go, including yours truly) with all the good food, cozy ambience and pretty ladies. Okay, some guys have all the luck (by Rod Steward).

On that Thursday evening (two days before the Hari Raya celebration) it was raining cat and dog. Come rain or shine, the trekkers (or runners) would not let their buddies down; what more it was in a sheltered restaurant – the show must go on.

Brownie with ice cream ... hmm... yummy

Before the event, there were many emails flying around within the group. But the following day after the dinner, it was just too quiet and a few of the guy trekkers were showing concern of what actually happened (particularly to the gals also).

As feedback by Wong, there were many topics being discussed while they dined: other than the standards subjects like politics, health, medication, and women, etc the learned gals shared views on what to do and how to survive when they will be on the EBC treks in two weeks' time. As you can see, the meeting of trekkers would discuss trekking activities while runners would talk about marathons. Depending on the audience, these are very uninteresting topics for non-trekkers and non-runners.

The gorgeous EBC ladies

From the photos taken by Leng, it was indeed a splendid dinner with good food and hearty laughter amid good fellowship.

The EBC team shall have Part 2 in Kathmandu celebrating the achievement of the mission in the cool autumn evening in Nepal. We were told that Khukri Rum, the oldest rum in Nepal, distilled by using only the freshest water from Mount Everest, when mixed with Coke, make an excellent drink for celebration ... Cheers!

White Dragon – Joseph’s nickname is called White Dragon as his signature trekking pants are white. He must have possessed sifu skill as his pants are still in immaculate white as before even after a trekking trip with muddy trails. Nevertheless, there was competition in maintaining spotlessly clean and white with White Phoenix (Fiona … EBC team member) who was wearing white skirts or shorts for local trekking too. Well, even in this dinner, they were wearing white tops. And the winner is obvious.

Click here to view photos by courtesy of Leng.

Written by KC

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