Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EBC Medication Sponsor by Dr Shara

I am pleased to inform you that I went to Dr Shara's clinic in Shah Alam on Sunday 13 September. He is most kind to sponsor the common medication necessary for the EBC trekking (Mount Everest Base Camp) starting 4 October 2009.
On behalf of the EBC team, we would like to thank you for your kind gesture.
Dr Shara will be trekking twin peaks (EBC, 5550m and Island Peak, 6200m) from 27 October to 18 November 2009. We would like to wish him a smooth and successful journey too.

Please scroll down the email for the types of medication sponsored by him.
Dr. Shara checking the summary list of medication. On the table are part of the medication sponsored by him.
Yours truly (KC) and Dr Shara
Dr Shara (left), KC ... at the Adidas KOTR run on 2 August 2009

Problem -- Drug Name
Abdominal Colic -- T. Buscopan
Nausea/Wind -- T. Domperidone
Diarhoea -- T. Immodium
Body ache/Joint pains -- T.Diclofenac
Severe joint pains -- T. Meloxicam (brand name=Mobic)
Running Nose/ Allergies/ Itch -- T. Loratadine
Severe Allergies/Swellings -- T. Prednisoione
Dehydration -- ORS salt
Fever -- T. Paracetamol
Sprains -- Voren Plus Gel
Snow Blindness -- CMC eye oint
Oral Ulcer -- Triamcinolone oint
Muscle Relaxant -- T. Orphenadrine (can cause drowsy)
Vomitting -- T. Maxalon
Sprains -- Elastic Crepe Bandages
Arm Sling -- Triangular Bandages

Clinic Address:

Klinik Damai,
30 Jalan Kristal J7/J,
Section 7,
Shah Alam

Posted by KC

EBC Team Leader (4 October 2009)

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