Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Looping in Circuit

"You won't get dizzy meh?" a trekker friend asked me after I told her that I run round the 400 meters track at MPSJ, Subang Jaya for two hours for my training. While she was amused with my answer, I too, was amused with her question.

Another runner friend commented that it would be too boring or monotonous running round for two hours and she was amaze with my focus to continue for that long duration.

If we were to spin round for two minutes, most likely, we would get dizziness. But the 400 meters track is quite a long distance, depending how one looks at it.

MPSJ statium in Subang Jaya (photos are taken during past 10km Subang Jaya Run)

For the past few months, it has become a repeatable process for my exercising and training regime: Friday evening playing badminton; Saturday morning going trekking (training for Mount Everest Base Camp, EBC) and Sunday morning going for runs at MPSJ stadium.
The advantage of running at MPSJ stadium is that it is very near my house – 700 meters only. So there isn’t much preparation; unlike running at Bukit Aman car park, I have to wake up early and drive all the way there.
As to how to complete the 2-hour run, the first one hour is usually run in darkness (before the sun comes out). Since it is dark, there is not much different whether I am looping or running on a highway – cant’ see much anyway. The second half is done in daylight.
I realize that when I run at the MPSJ stadium, I would tend to run faster compared to my training at Bukit Aman car park. It is interesting to find out what motivates me to run faster.
This is how I make the run more interesting with the 400m circuit: I identified one runner who run quite fast and pace with him. While he is running in the inner loop, I am running at the outer loop. So I need to run much faster than him in order to maintain the pace. When I get tired a bit, I slow down and look for the next runner to challenge.

From the angle of VIP seats

As to the running gear, I could not wear the high-cut running shorts and vest – too exposed. Most walkers there wear T-shirts and track bottoms. So I have to respect the general dress code by wearing a slightly longer type of shorts, and vest which covers more on the shoulder part. Most people there are just walking and they must be wondering why this runner wants to run here for hours.

There are many walkers exercising on Sunday morning at the MPSJ stadium. At 8am, there is the aerobic session. I see many men are also happily doing the aerobic exercise also. I believe this is the in thing, only the focused runner continues with his run.

Written by KC


YS said...

You and not alone for running on the track for 2 hours. I always run in a Klang stadium for 30 to 40 laps. The reason is that I am not an early riser. I still can't wake up in the wee hour to run. My run usually is in the afternoon after 4:30pm. The road in Klang is too poluted and dangerous to run. So, have to run in the stadium. But I do enjoy running on the road when back in KL.

By the way, i am a newbie in running... just started to run about 9 months ago, and am training for Half Marathon now. Any advice to a 37-year-old newbie? Currently, am training at least 3 days a week, with a mileage of at least 30km.

Geraldine said...

Your lap ritual reminded me of my recent lap runs on grass for one hour. You amaze me with 2 hrs. Hats off!

lionel87 said...

Yeah, good strategy of using other joggers as motivation to last 2 hrs on the track :D Will probably try that next time ;)

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

Hi YS, You are doing fine. 30km per week is a healthy distance. Ensure you do not sustain injury for running too fast or running too frequent ... :-)

Hi Geraldine, good to hear from you again ... :-)

Hi Lionel, if you meet a girl runner who is faster than you, I am sure that would inspire you to improve your speed.... :-) KC