Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Untoward Incident

By PK Chan

The 30km focused-group practice run on Saturday 4 November morning was not a happy one due to an accident. Keshab, a Pacesetters runner, was knocked down by a motorcycle apparently traveling at high speed whilst he was crossing the busy Jalan Duta at the Bukit Tunku junction from the government complex side. He sustained a fractured thigh bone and a cut on his forehead requiring several stitches; otherwise could be much worse under such circumstances.

At 5.30 am that morning, 11 of us (Lynn, Teresa, Tammy, Janet, Gail, Sharon, Connie, Colin, Peik Yah, Keshab and I) gathered at the Bukit Aman car park. Keshab initially had no plan to run as he did his long run the previous week. Upon learning I was the only guy around to accompany the ladies running at such unearthly hours, he being always a very caring and helpful person unexpectedly turned up.
Keshab (left) and running friends at Bukit aman car park on 9 Oct 2005 after their usual Sunday morning training runs.

Following the usual warm up, we set off in one group running an easy space towards the Petronas station in Sri Hartamas. After the usual looping at the Government complex, we headed back to Petronas for another refreshment stop except four ladies who decided to opt for 20 km and went straight back to Bukit Aman.

On the way back, the first group of four ladies was already ahead of us when approaching Jalan Duta. Keshab who took an extra round at the Petronas station was behind until he overtook Peik Yah who was slow due to recurring pain of the leg. When seeing me turning back to accompany her, Keshab went ahead alone and was about five minutes ahead of us when the untoward incident happened; hence both of us did not witness what exactly happened and apparently neither any witness around.

There were already three Samaritans who are foreigners stopped to help. One of them was busy controlling the traffic whilst the other lady was phoning for emergency help. Peik Yah and I stayed close with Keshab who was clearly shocked and in great pain.

Ambulance arrived after about 20 minutes. I followed him in the ambulance together with the motor cyclist who also sustained injuries. Initial examination at the GH emergency confirmed no injury of the head. He was later transferred to Subang Jaya Medical Centre and his fractured left leg successfully operated kindly organized by our Dr. Lyou (a Pacesetters runner) who is a resident surgeon of the specialist centre.

I went to visit Keshab yesterday (5 Nov) afternoon and he was in high spirit though he regretted that he would miss his Bangkok Marathon! He is expected to be discharged in a few days on clutches.

The Saturday morning run was certainly an unfortunate experience but I consider a wake up call for us. Crossing the busy Jalan Duta heading to Sri Hartamas for our 20 or 30 km run is no longer a safe route especially on Saturday unless there are marshals around managing the traffic.

So a reminder to all of us again: RUN SAFELY AND BE MERRY.

PK Chan

Note by KC:
Crossing the busy Jalan Duta Highway:
It becomes a main consideration for runners planning a 20km (or 30km) runs en route to Sri Hartamas. Other than Sunday morning, the heavy traffic volume there can pose problem to runners' safety. Possibly, it is good to erect a sign board similar to those children crossing the road. In this case, modify the sign and replace with runners in action -- 6am to 9am only... :-)

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