Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Everest Kalapathar Trekking Trip - Part 2

Please click here to view Part 2 (final) of photo album which contains 273 photos of the incredible trekking trip. On 29 September 2006, seven Pacesetters runners went for a 2-week trekking trip to Everest Kalapathar. They were: Francis Toh, Tsu King Poo, Kho, Tammy Lim, Connie Tan, Teresa Goh, Chris Low.

The Everest Kalapathar trek offers an enduring experience of natural beauty, geological magnificence with the breathtaking views of Everest.

Interestingly, the magnificent peak of Mount Everest is only visible at certain point of Kalapathar treks. All climbers to Mount Everest will have to pass by the Everest Kalapathar trek en route to the Everest Base Camps. The photos give a distorted perspective that strip Mount Everest of its imposing and magnificient height. From where they stood, Mount Everest is about 10km away.

All photos are by courtesy of Tsu King Poo and the other members of the trekking trip.

We shall plan for a trekking trip. So, are you convinced to trek there next year?
As I understand from TanAB, a Pacesetter runner who trekked in Kilimanjaro (in Africa) and Kalapathar before, he said the best time to go to Kalapathar is in April and October. The sky in October is most clear (as in the photos above).


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