Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Photo Preview Session

On Sunday 29 October, Tammy invited quite a number of the Pacesetters runners (including yours truly) and friends to her bungalow in Subang Jaya for a photo preview session. The photos were taken during their recent Everest Kalapathar trekking trip in Nepal from 29 September for a duration of two weeks.

The main actors of Everest Kalapathar Trekking trip: Francis Toh, Koh, Teresa, Tammy and Tsu. Not in the picture are Connie and Chris Low.

Notice that the three guy runners-cum-trekkers are actually wearing the same design of T-shirt with different shade of colours. Imprint on the T-shirt is "Everest Trekking, Nepal 2006". The map on the T-shirt is really useful. When Tsu was explaining to me in relation to various places in the photo session, he actually pointed to me the location on his T-shirt.

In Front Row seat enjoying light moments of the photo session: Sonny Ng, Teresa, Janet Chin, Carol, Francis Ng.

Lots of food and drinks for the photos preview session. The guests were amused by the happenings amid sipping wine or drinks.

All photo albums were compiled by Tsu into one complete album. The images were projected by a PC LED projector on to a white screen.

Work is still in progress (by KC) to process and upload hundreds of photos into Internet. Stay tune.


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