Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Chin Woo Biathlon

By Eric Teo (penguin-10)

With the Deeparaya holidays and not much running events during Puasa month, it was indeed welcoming news to know that the much awaited, once-a-year Chin Woo Biathlon is on. This year, it was brought forward two months early on 29 October 2006 compared to the previous year which was held just one week after the Singapore Marathon in December.
All the leng chai and leng lui: Chong Yin Fook, Yan Tuck Wing, Ong Siok Leng, Yeoh Siew Choong, Eric Teo, Heng Jim Peng.
The race was organised by Chin Woo Athletic Association Selangor in their own swimming pool and limited to 100 participants only. Four categories of events: Kids (7-10 years), Teens (11-14 years), Opens (15-30 years & 31-40years), Veteran (41 & above).
The race was to swim 800 meter & run 7km (for Teens, Open & Veteran category) whereas Kids category only requires to swim 300 meter & run 2km. We are to swim at the 25 meters length (the shorter side) pool which requires us to swim 32 laps, and two swimmers in one lane.
The race started at 0730am with Kids, Teens, Opens & then Veteran categories with interval time of 20 minutes in between to allow the category swimmer to finish their swim before the next category start off.

Each top 3 category was further presented with a nice crystal trophy.
In the running segment, the runners ran towards the main road and onto Jalan Maharajarela. The finish line was at the car park of Chin Woo Stadium.
That was the maiden attempt for Ong Siok Leng, Yeoh Siew Choong, Chong Yin Fook & Yan Tuck Wing; second race for Heng Jim Peng; third race for me.
It was a pleasant outing for everyone as all did well within the qualifying time (ie 2 hours) to entitle them a nice crafted Chin Woo Biathlon Finisher medal. Overall, we were quite satisfied with the race.

By Eric Teo

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