Sunday, November 05, 2006

Subang Jaya 10km Run

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“This is your territory,” one of my running friends quipped. Don’t get me wrong, we were not talking about Hong Kong movie style of story. He merely meant I live near the starting area of Subang Jaya 10km Run.

Living about 500 meters away, I was contemplating whether to walk or drive there this morning. After all, running a distance many times longer would never be any problem. But due to lack of time, I have to drive there.

After running this 10km Run for a few times, I decided to take photos instead. When I reached there, to my surprise, I saw Jason Lee, another Pacesetter photographer was standing in front of the starting line taking photos. Later, I was pleasantly surprised to see Chan Wing Kai, another Pacesetters Club photographer, was there taking photos too.

Judging by the big number of participants, the response to this run was really good. The runners lined at the usual starting area – a road just in front of MPSJ. At the cross-road about 100 meters ahead, the 10km group ran straight; the 7km group turned right while the 3km Fun Run group turned left.

The most interesting event to watch was the 3km Fun Run. While most family members were either walking or running slowly, a few small boys leading the pack were running really fast. Even at the young age, they understand the meaning of competition.

At about 100 meters away from the finishing line, the race officials were busy informing the runners to align into their lanes according to category. Unfortunately, one wheel-chair participant clashed with another runner.

I was surprised to see a Pacesetters running friend, Christopher, sitting down with a sprained ankle. According to him, the finishing line for Open Category (A and B) was to run on the grass away from the track due to lack of space. However, the grass area was undulating that caused the problem.

Adding on to the fun was the live singing performance by a group of bubbly teenagers sponsored by Suria FM radio station.

All runners that finished the run received a goodies bag containing quite a number of sponsored items inside. I believe the runners would be pleased to go home with hands full of goodies from the organizer.


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