Thursday, November 09, 2006

GE Women 10km Singapore

By Moira

A photo guide to the Great Eastern Women 10km in Singapore on Sunday 29 October 2006.

“You must be mad – going all the way to Singapore for only a 10km!” was the reaction of some when I told them that I was going to Singapore for the Great Eastern Women 10km. Well, I was not going to miss this ladies only affair since I am all for building up women’s interest in runs/sporting activities!

My dear friend and host in Singapore – Sharon was also in the run (she whom I conned into running about 4 years ago has since completed 2 marathons in the past year!!) so all the more reason to enter this race!

(1) Singapore promised to be gastronomic affair for me since Sharon is a feature writer for a prominent Singapore daily and here we are having our dinner at San Marco Italian restaurant at Fullerton hotel (name dropping leh!) on the eve before the 10km run!! How about that for carbo loading!!! 8 course dinner and all on the house as well – some more get to criticize about the food!!! Ok, OK, I know 10km no need to carbo load one! But this is a special women’s weekend so can or can-not??
(2) The morning of the run was haze-free (or at least it seemed like it!) – how about this view taken of Singapore from my friend’s casio camera? This was shot about 3 km from the finishing line. The entire 10km route was well marked and we were served drinks every 2.5 km!

(3) Euphoria at the end of the run! Here I am at the finishing line. Time was 1 hour 40 secs! Did I add that for a 10km race that we were also given a timing chip? Cool huh??

(4) Fellow running friends Belinda (on the left) and Samantha (on the right)! Check out the satisfied grins and teeth (we should be in an ad for a tooth paste brand!) and the cool ruby-red Adidas shirts the sponsors gave us in our goodie bags!
The writer, Moira, is in the middle.

(5) Posers! Sharon and I proudly displaying our tear-drop shaped finisher’s medals and basking in the adrenalin rush that accompanies a great run!.

(6) Ah! A well deserved serving of breakfast of congee, noodles and soya milk plus tau-hwa at the very well manicured Botanical gardens! Yup – eating again!

(7) Cannot believe it – one hour after the run still grinning and smiling eventhough all sweaty and smelly!! Thankfully, the Botanical Gardens is a very wide open space and there were cool breezes!!

(8) My bib number and finisher’s medal – I thought that the personalized bib with our names printed on was very cool!

We thoroughly enjoyed the race which was very well organized and our grins in the photos tell the complete story of the benefits of running/exercise and participating in a great race! I encourage more participants (unfortunately only ladies!) and our fellow male runners to support this race in the future!

By Moira

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