Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Last 20km Long Run - 19 Nov

Arriving at Bukit Aman car park this morning at 5:30 a.m., I met CT Hoo who commented that there would be fewer runners this morning. A quick glance at the car park under the well-lit street lights, and I noticed the less than normal cars there. It was understandable as there are two running events going on this morning: Selayang 10km run (in Selangor state) and Ipoh 12km Cross-country (in Perak).

This will be the last 20km long run and tapering to 10km next week. Singapore International Marathon is only two weeks away on 3 December. However, Bangkok International Marathon will be this Sunday, 26 November. I heard from PK Chan that there are about 30 Pacesetters runners taking part in Bangkok marathon.

File pix taken at KLCC.

For those who are running Bangkok marathon, wishing you a good run and an enjoyable holidays. Oh yeah, not forgetting the shopping too.

There were six of us running in the pack this morning: PK Chan, Weng, LimFW, Jason Chin, ChinYH and I. PK turned into double-hill route (10km) while we continued our journey en route to Sri Hartamas for the 20km training run.

Though it has been raining every afternoon or evening since 21 October, it is always fine weather in the morning which is superb for running. Since we have completed the necessary long runs, it does not matter much if the weather decided to change course and rain in the morning.

Jason Chin (Penguin-12) and ChinYH were running 30km again this morning. They definitely exceed requirements by running 30km on a few consecutive Sundays. Besides, they are fast runners. ChinYH is attempting his maiden full marathon in Singapore. From his training track record with multiple 30km long runs, looks like he can achieve a sub-four hours.

There was a slight problem here. When I met Jason Chin at the Bukit Aman car park, immediately, he told me that he tripped and twisted his leg while running near the Wilayah Mosque area. There was pain near his knee area that hampered movement. Luckily at that moment, Coach Chan Chee Seng (organizer for Triathlon in Malaysia) was passing by overseeing and coaching another group of runners. So Jason Chin went back to Bukit Aman car park in Coach Chan’s van.

We wish Jason Chin a speedy recovery in time for the Singapore International marathon. Together with ChinYH, they have been training really hard for this event.

The Course for 2007 GE 30km Run

While working on the web pages of Great Eastern 2007 30km event for publishing in Pacesetters Club Web site, I realized that the Club does not have photos of the course. I actually got the idea when we signed up for Kuching Marathon in March this year. To cater for non-local runners, they actually drove around the course taking photos in a Mercedes Benz car (recognizable by the 3-Star emblem at the bonnet of the car).

I spoke to the Club President at the Bukit Aman this morning. If the Club agrees, we can then invite a few leng chai and leng lui (handsome guys and pretty gals) runners as models while conducting photo shoots for the course. For obvious reason, I would be the cameraman. Who should be the models? What do you think?

Stay tune for Everest Kalapathar Part 2 photos – almost ready.



Anonymous said...

hehe... KC, you almost predicted the weather correctly about changing course. This morning, it is gloomy and wanted to rain.

Anonymous said...

Use Jason la. He's quite "Leng Chai" wot. =D

sd said...

Yes, Jason Chin is in: he is tall, handsome but not dark.

Who started the phrase "tall, dark and handsome one?"

As for gal, how about Chantelle Wong?

KC :-)