Sunday, June 05, 2011

Bintang Hill Trail Running

With the lush greenery and hilly terrain, Bintang Hill is an excellent alternative training ground for trail running, or even trekking. Nestled within Desa ParkCity and Mount Kiara areas, as you can see, this Bintang Hill has no connection with Bukit Bintang or Star Hill near Sungei Wang Area.

Comparatively, the terrain is steeper than Puchong Hill but easier than Apek Hill in Cheras. Since it is closer to NKVE Highway, the air here is not very cool and fresh; besides, we could constantly hear the noise of the fast moving vehicle.

Special thanks to Chong Ying Fook for leading the group in running around in this area; also Steven Oon who treated the group in light refreshment after the trail running.

Nice view – sigh ... have to ignore the transmission cable; maybe you just imagine that these are the trails charted by the fighter jets rising higher and beyond) ... :-)

Do CLICK HERE for the complete photo album taken by yours truly (KC).

 The other peak is at the right of this photo frame. This scarecrow, not only frighten birds away, in a dimly lit night, would scare people also.

 Nature Gym -- PK Chan testing out the no-frill workout equipment; even the bicycle chain and handle can do a good job ... outdoor and free membership some more ... :-)
The ingenuity of the facility here can rival the sanctuary area in Apek Hill, Cheras.

 Barbed wire and high fencing... looks like a (DMZ) Demilitarized Zone

 This is the Desa ParkCity  ... Thanks to ChongYF for leading the group to this Bintang Hill.

 At another peak
Back (left): PK Chan, Wendy Liu, Elaine Lee, Boon Kee, Steven Oon, Chong YF, KC Leong.
Front: Siew Cheng, Annie Lim, Kristie

 Stylishly posed for the varied and arid terrain ... KC Leong, PK Chan, Siew Cheng, Steven Oon, Kristie, Wendy Liu

 Wendy Liu, Siaw Cheng, Kristie

Adjourn to a mamak restaurant for some light refreshment. Thanks to Steven Oon for treating the group. Teh Tarik with susu lembu and roti chanai with eggs ... hmmm ... creamy and superb drinks, and good to reward the body system after the trail running.

Annie posing for the camera ... Steven Oon said he is going to dedicate Annie's Song (by John Denver) to her and I said I shall dedicate any other songs (to her) ... :-)
She owns three classic mini cooper cars and love riding scrambler motorbike in outdoors.

Note: next heavy-duty trail running is scheduled on Saturday, 11 June at Gunung Nuang.

Trekkers are welcome as Rocky and Bernard Lee are leading the trekking group. Do click here for previous postings of trail running at Gunung Nuang.

Posted by KC Leong


Paul Lee said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this! Is there a start point/end point that I can access.. This right next to my backyard which is Kiara hills..


jar@qubarhabik said...

hi ...bleh x sya nk tahu dkt mana sebenarnya jln nk masuk ke bintang hill....tq...

jar@qubarhabik said...

hai...may i know the actual exit to bintang hiil???...cause it's sound interesting...tq...

jar@qubarhabik said...

hai...bntghill near to segambut dalam or not??
the actual way to bintang hill??...tq