Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mount Rinjani

Yeah, I am back from trekking at Mount Rinjani. After more than six months of planning, organizing and liaisaing with the trekking agent; going for the training in preparation for the final challenge, and now, it leaves a good memory behind.

Mount Rinjani is an active volcano on the island of Lombok. It rises to 3,726 meters making it the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

Lombok Island is located next to Bali Island reachable within 30 minutes of domestic flight or by a longer duration of boat ride.

This Mount Rinjani is tough to climb, tougher than Mount Kinabalu. One must overcome the fear of height when ascending the final 300m leading to the summit. At certain part of the ridge, the width is only 5 feet wide where a slip would mean fatal accident.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC). In Picasa web photo album, click Slideshow to step through the photos.

Fully Charged -- 19 June 2011 morning ... Start of Day-1 trekking. The group put up a night at Senaru Cottage (600m).

Back (left): Sylvia, Bernard Lee, Rocky, PK Chan, KC Leong, Jayne Aw, Sharon Tan, WongKC
Frong: Chiew Hong, Jean Soh, ChooTS

 At the main gate from Senaru trail

 First lunch is served. It is a simple lunch but the group is not complaining.
For 11 of us, there are 12 support crew; including a Mountain Guide by the name of Macho (not in photo) !!

 Lots of blue sky as it is a dry season ... going up to the Crater Rim I

 Fishing at the high mountain? Well this group of teenagers are going to the lake located in the centre of the main crater for fishing

 On top of the world feeling

A beautiful, calm but cold morning

 Going down to Segara Anak Lake within the Rinjani crater. Notice the baby volcano within the big crater rim. Top left is the peak of Mount Rinjani.

Arriving at the lake which is inside the big volcano ... background is the baby volcano

 The group went for a dip in the hot spring pool while the cold water from the waterfall is gushing down from behind.

 The higher the elevation, more spectacular is the view; the same lake is now seen at the background. The clouds are seen hurriedly flowing through the pass.

Camping by the Crater Rim II. The next morning, starting the journey at 3:00 a.m., the group took 4 hours of strenuous effort to ascend to the summit to see sunrise.
Note: photos to the summit will be processed later.

What a view for a spectacular sunset, not available in Kuala Lumpur ... :-)

 Good night and a colourful dream ...

Camping in the wilderness -- the third and final night of camping. We experienced nomadic life where everywhere is a good place to put up a night.

More photos on holidaying in Gili Island after summiting the peak.

Posted by KC Leong


Mich said...

so .. did anyone get sunburn ?

Anonymous said...


I am also hoping to make a trip to Mount Lombok, but had heard from a colleague who went last year that the mountain was incredibly dirty because of the large amount of tourists on the mountain. I wonder if you noticed that on your trek, or has the mountain been cleaned up since?

With thanks. said...

Sunburn - yes, the sun is strong from noon to 4pm on a cloudless sky. Need sun block or long sleeve for protection from UV.

Dirty - chose to look at the scenic view and not the litter ... :-) It is not that bad as those over-sensitive trekkers claimed ... :-)

Peter said...


How long is the path (in feet) where one has to walk by a 5 feet wide ridge?