Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Avatar Shield

Note: Away for trekking at Mount Rinjani (in Lombok Island which is next to Bali from 18 to 25 June. Do click here for more intro... KC


Eileen, an avid runner and trekker, asked me:
Hi KC, is that guy Rothman wearing lady tights?  How come he so flexible ah? 

BTW, where you get your arm tattoo (which shop)?  No, not because I want to wear one, I want go to the shop and find a red rose/ ship's anchor/skull head for your arm :-)  

Extreme Flexibility -- Rothman and Carin at Kem Pacat, Gunung Nuang on 11 June 2011

KC's light-hearted comments:

Ahh.. we did not realise Rothman was wearing tights. We only notice the girl on top was wearing one and very flexible ... :-)

Yeah, that is Rothman with the Avatar purple tights. I presume when we approach 22 October 2011 (the Mount Kinabalu Climbathon day) the purple would reach greater height - full Avatar purple.

According to Rothman, with the Avatar tights, leech would not be able to attack him. Anyway, on that morning (11 June at Gunung Nuang), even without the Avatar shield, I also did not encounter any leech attack. Nevertheless, if proven that this type of coloured tights are effective in warding off leeches (after a few tests), you may see guys donning multi-coloured tights such as red, green, orange, blue, etc., in future lah … :-)

The shop with the mobile tattoo is located in Seri Kembangan. Ship's anchor/skull head? I checked; unfortunately, no such design. Otherwise, with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ the in-things these days, sure they may think that I am Runner Jack Sparrow (as in Captain Jack Sparrow goes running) ... :-)

According to Rothman who accompany his friends to trek up Gunung Nuang again in the evening without the shield from the Avatar tights, he reported that "My friend and I got one leech attack each when I hike again in the late evening without tights."


About Rothman: He is a very keng chow and fast runner in trail running. In the recent Pulau Tioman Eco Challenge, he is one of the 17 achievers – out of a few hundred participants – to cross the finishing line within qualifying time (7 hours). The trail running route was set by the army that requires participants to go through thorny undergrowth in the jungle, climbing up huge rocks as part of the obstacles course, etc. Reason why he wore the awful purple tights: this is the only colour left; obviously, not many ladies would want this colour... :-)

Written by KC Leong

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