Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mount Rinjani (Part 3)

Photos in this posting are by courtesy of ChooTS, the main photographer for this scenic Mount Rinjani trekking trip from 18 to 24 June 2011.

Click here for Day1 (Arriving at Senaru Cottage, Lombok, for putting up a night before the start of trekking)

Click here for Day2 (Day1 of trekking - going up to first camp site)

Click here for Day3 (Day2 of trekking - going down to the lake and have a dip in the hot spring)

Click here for Day3 (Day2 of trekking - going up to the second camp site)


First group photo ... Dinner at Senaru Cottage at 8:00 p.m. ChooTS is at right.

 Start of a great trekking trip (from Senaru Village)

 Above the clouds feeling. Seen here is the mat salleh group of tents

 Scenic view

 Our first camp site at the side of a cliff (lower end of the photo)

 A group photo with Segara Anak Lake (within Rinjani crater) as background

 Having a dip in the hot spring ... PK Chan, Rocky, Sharon Tan, KC and Jayne Aw

 A steep climb to arrive at Crater Rim II (2,639m) which is behind this mountain

 At Crater Rim II camp site

At crater Rim II camp site (before the final ascent to the peak the next morning)

Posted by KC Leong


Anonymous said...

Hi KC,
nice shots & great island holiday you guys had pampered urself with after the tough Rinjani trek.

Really like your shots at the peak of rinjani. I salute you guys for the tough trail to the peak..

I am the girl you met during your trekking to the crater rim II camp site.. We were heading to the Segara Anak lake camp site. Can you recall that? From the team of eleven, Leanne.

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

Hi Leanne,

Yes, sure I remember ... :-) I hope you have a great trek at Mt Rinjani also. I have been trying to Google "Team of Eleven" but could not find any leads.

How can I contact you? ... :-) KC