Monday, June 27, 2011

Holidaying in Gili Island

This is Part 2 of Mount Rinjani trekking. After the strenuous trekking trip of ascending Mount Rinjani, the group went holidaying and relaxing at Gili Island: a trip that encompassed from the mountain peak to the ocean beach.

Not many trekkers go to Gili Island for relaxation, they just go home after the trekking. PK Chan commented that in KC's trekking trips, there will be makan (feast). In this case, on a bigger scale, extended holidaying.
Gili Island is only 30 minutes of boat ride from Lombok Island, where Mount Rinjani is located.
Please click here to view photos at Gili Island taken by yours truly (KC).

The group put up two nights at the Dream Diver Bungalows at Gili Island; this time camouflaging as divers ... :-) your truly (KC Leong)

On this peaceful island, motorised vehicles are not allowed; so all have to rely on horse carts.

Beautiful setting good for a romantic dinner

Gili Day-2 sunrise

 Gili Day-2 sunrise

 Gili Day-2 sunrise

 Round island tour with the iron horse

From the mountain peak to the ocean beach ... PK Chan, Jean Soh and Rocky

Have iron horse will travel

Divers practising the dive procedures before entering the sea

Ahhh... that is nice ... Taking an afternoon nap under the shady tress: listening to the wave hitting the shore; feel the gentle breeze; touch the cool white sands ... PK Chan and yours truly (KC)
 Silhouette of lovers admiring the sunset at Sunset Point ... Gili Day-2 Sunset (ah... actually it was guest star by our group member).

 Gili Day-2 sunset

 Gili Day-3 Sunrise +++++++++++
The mountains in this photos, Mount Rinjani is 3rd peak from right. While we were high up in Mt Rinjani, we could see the Gilis Island. Now that we are at Gili Island, we could see Mount Rinjani.


Anonymous said...

Hi KC, nice shots & great island holiday you guys had pampered urself with after the tough Rinjani trek.

Really like your shots at the peak of rinjani. I salute you guys for the tough trail to the peak..

I am the girl you met during your trekking to the crater rim II camp site.. We were heading to the Segara Anak lake camp site. Can you recall that? From the team of eleven, Leanne.

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

Hi Leanne,

Yes, sure I remember ... :-)
I hope you have a great trek at Mt Rinjani also. I have been trying to Google "Team of Eleven" but could not find any leads. How can I contact you? ... :-) KC