Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gunung Angsi Trail Running

Gunung Angsi is always my favourite trail. This mountain is not too steep; the trail is clean and wide; the trail is not too long; a gradual terrain at the starting point which is good for warming up the body; running next to a stream that increase the good ions; a panorama view at the peak, etc.

A group photo before the start of trail running / trekking. Photo taken at Ulu Bendol Recreational Area on Saturday, 28 May 2011.
Back (left): yours truly (KC), Rothman, Edwin, Sharon Tan, Rupert Chen, ChooTS

Front: Lady Su, Rocky, WongKC

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

Rupert Chen is a very fast trail runner. Before we could arrive at the peak, he is on his way hurriedly descending the mountain. His reason: he would continue running around the park training for road races. One of the runners said, his pace is like a leopard (that rhyme with Rupert) ... :-)

 At the peak of Gunung Angsi.
(Left): LimGT, Edwin, Rothman, ShiekEM, ChooTS, Lady Su, Chiew Hong, KC

 ShiekEM's friend carrying a coconut seedling from the foothill (originated from Kuala Lumpur)
 Hopefully, in five years' time, we would have coconut juice up here ... LimGT and Shiek planting the seedling. Good work and BRAVO !!!

 (Left): WongKC, Chiew Hong, Rocky, KC, ChooTS, Lady Su, Bernard Lee, Sharon Tan

Bernard Lee and ShiekEM's group came from Route B. Here is the description from Bernard:

Route A: via the Ulu Bendul Recreational Park. Entrance : Rm 5.00 per person.

Route B: Ferny Trail. This route will eventually join up the trail from Ulu Bendul. The first 45 mins is very flat, so it is quite boring but after it joins the Ulu Bendul Trail, the climb begins. Entrance: free.

Route C: Panjang Trail. This Trail is maintained by a group of trekkers call Angsi Trekkers from Seremban. This trail is quite steep initially but levels off after a while. The trail : Panjang is named after a tall guy who sets up a shed or shelter halfway along the trail. He cooks "Tong Sui" or offers drinks to the weary trekkers FOC. There is ample car park along the road shoulder.

 Descending the mountain ... the obstacle course area

Lady Su’s trail running shoe was infiltrated and her foot was attacked by a leech that could be seen with the red patch on her shoe. Since she was the only runner that was selected by a leech, one member quipped:  that mean her blood is not laden with high cholesterol. The others, the moment the leech tasted the blood, would quickly drop off. 

 Giving a helping hands (... from photo, it may look like giving a push) ... :-)

One of the best moments in going through all the strenuous trail running is to savour the sumptous food that follows ... hmmm, yummy !!

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A humble Taiping kaki said...

Nice stuff. Must also hike Taiping Maxwell hill ya. I must sponsor Kangen water for a job well done. Those in interested to try can contact me.

PW Cheong said...

Thanks for this wonderful write-up. What a concise and comprehensive description of Gunung Angsi in the first paragraph.