Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gunung Irau Trekking

It has been a fun, enjoyable and memorable trekking and holidaying trip trekking up Gunung Irau of Cameron Highlands on 14 May 2011. We were quite lucky that it was a sunny and clear day in the morning. The haze problem at Kuala Lumpur has not extended that far to the mountains. However, there was slight drizzle at around 3pm and only started to rain at 5:30 p.m. By then, most of the members would have safely returned to base at around 5pm.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC) ... in photo album, click Slideshow for bigger display.

A group photo before the start of the challenging trekking trip. Other than the 32 members here, another 11 not in the photo are: TonyQ, Tammy, Chan Wing Kai, Alex and friend; and the friends from Singapore (KohSL, Jack, Alvin, Nicole, Jade) who started the trekking at 8:00 a.m. They put up a night at Cameron Highlands.

The pro photographer, ChooTS, who is thick in the action taking photos for some forensic analysis ... :-)
Fun along the journey – extending a clean helping hand by KohSL. She and her other five team members came all the way from Singapore. (Left) Tony Q and KC. (This photo courtesy of MakCK)

 All smiles after overcoming the challenging and muddy trail ... part of the team at the peak of Gunung Irau

 The mossy forest right in the heart of a tropical country
(Left): MakCK, Sik Peng, Chae Yin, Bernard, Yoke Cheng and KC.

I was racing down the mountain with a German and Swiss guys as the sky was very dark and the mountain was engulfed with mist/clouds at around 3 p.m. signalling an impending downpour. With thunder from the distant horizon, the scene was quite scary; I could see the anxiety from their facial expression. With months of training at Gunung Nuang, I was able to match their pace and they were quite impressed too. However, the Gunung Irau trail is not suitable for fast action. Most of the time, in order to avoid stepping into the mud trap, we step onto the roots to provide the necessary firm landing. Certain roots are slippery with the dampness. So I fell twice and the second one really hurt my right knee with bruises. (photo courtesy of ChooTS)

 Steaming hot in the cool mountains ... hmmm... GOOD !!
Left: Bernard, Anges Tan and daughter, ChooTS
(This photo courtesy of MakCK)
This restaurant is just opposite the Shell petrol station. The building is a Chinese Association.  
Each pax is only RM 15 with lots of fresh vegetable, seafood, and food stuff.

 A good new day has dawned. Looking out the balcony of the unit that I stay.

 Desa Anthurium at Brinchang fully furnish and complete with cooking facility. I booked 5 apartments that house 45 team members.

Trying to emulate the Bollywood dance movement at the tea plantation en route to Boh Tea Plantation a Sungei Palas.
Left: Wendy Liu, Chae Yin, Tan PP, KC, Jean, Sik Peng, Yoke Cheng

The yow yeng guys’ turn.... Lai FS, PK Chan, Seng Choe, MakCK, KC Leong, Bernard Lee

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