Thursday, May 05, 2011

Gunung Nuang Trail Running

I was a bit comprehensive whether to continue with the trail running as a few other regulars informed that they were not able to join the group on the eve of the event. Another reason for concern is that Kuala Lumpur has been receiving heavy rain almost every day in the month of April. Nevertheless, the show must go on since the mission – participating in the Mount Kianbalu Climbathon on 22 October 2011 – has been set. That makes training/decision easier.

On Saturday 30 April, Dr Shara, ChooTS and yours truly proceeded as plan and met up with Simpson and his group of trekkers at Gunung Nuang.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC) using a compact camera.

A group photo together with Simpson’s (front; L2) group of trekkers.

Though the ground was wet, there was not substantially increased in water level when crossing the streams. Due to the wet grounds, however, the leeches were very active searching for their targets.

We arrived at Camp Pacat in 2 hr 10 minutes by taking our own time in crossing the streams and taking photos. After chatting for too long at Camp Pacat, we decided to descend the mountain instead of continue the ascent. On the way down, we met Simpson’s group who were determine to trek to the peak.

 ChooTS, Dr Shara, and yours truly with the yow yeng impromptu tattoo on the left arm.

 Another method to ward off leech attack by Moon – applying 909 or 999 soap.

Guess the size of these fruits? Well, they are half smaller than this photo.

 Quite interestingly, with the constant rainfall in Kuala Lumpur, the water level of the stream is quite shallow even good for lazing around in the shade of the trees

 Thanks to the good Samaritans who build this raised platform for a dry crossing. Bravo !! Seen here is yours truly threading carefully across the stream ...

 We were shock to see these group of campers just walk across the stream – very macho like – without much hesitation.

A very conducive place for relaxing after a hard-day’s trekking or trail running trip. Sitting on the cool bench, this pondok is shady, peaceful and tranquil.

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