Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bidor Half Marathon Photos (3)

Photos by courtesy of SCHOnline.

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Written by Germaine

Here is a short story to share with everyone during my recent participation in the Bidor Run.

The organizer served light refreshment after run (better than ENR): curry puff, nasi lemak, butter cake, sandwiches, ham jim peng (deep fried pancake), etc. I decided not to queue up for food since all that food is not good for my throat that I am still recovering from flu attack a week ago.
Then, something caught my attention: one old man who was not a participant – more of a beggar to me – went to queue for food but the volunteers manning the station chased him away.
After witnessing the scene, I sympathized with him and I quickly went to queue up, and took all the food I could. I sensed the stare and disbelief from the other runners thinking that I was so greedy.

Feeling satisfied for taking so much food, I approached the old man and gave the food to him. To my surprise, he refused to accept my good gesture despite my repeated pestering.
I ended up having to force myself to eat all the food, making me even more sick. What to do? I could not possibly throw and waste the food.
A runner friend quipped, "Beggars in Bidor are high standards, and they eat abalone, not this type of food."
Note by KC: On a lighter note, maybe the old folk could have watched the most recent Chinese war epic movie, The Lost Bladesman. The hero, though he is starving, would never let the heroine go hungry. So in this case, seeing Germaine was holding so much food, he may think that she is hungry and need the food badly – thus refusing food ... :-)
 The opposite of compression 2XU pants

 Good company - Dannie and Carrie

Attention grabbing - At least six guys are looking at Mohan, the amazing marathon runners from Singapore

Posted by KC Leong.

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