Monday, May 09, 2011

My New Adidas Supernova

"Hi KC, the latest model of Adidas Supernova of your size has arrived with a very attractive colour design," Ariff, the Sales Representative at Adidas, The Gardens @ Mid-Valley telephoned to inform me quite excitedly.

After waited and checked with Ariff for many weeks, I finally bought the pair of running shoes of my choice on 7 May 2011.

I have quite a big foot. They say it is very good for stability that represents whatever endeavour that I do. But with the thick socks and extra cushioning, the size of the shoes would look like the size of a boat.

My previous pair of Adidas Supernova is a durable pair of footwear. It powered me through five full marathons, inclusive of training runs. In every full marathon, I would have put in about 500km of training. The trusted Supernova actually lasted for 2,500km before it was gone for good – been stolen.

The most notable improvement of this Supernova is the sleek and attractive design complemented by the distinctive colours of a green theme. Besides, the weight of current model is very much lighter compared to my previous Supernova.

At Adidas, The Gardens @ Mid-Valley ... Ariff and yours truly. He said that if I keep my hair very long, that would look like one of the rock singers (... aisey, I forgot the name now).

 The Adidas Supernova with an acid-green theme

 Sleek and nice looking

Note by Josie: When I start watching the American Idol this new season, it suddenly strikes me that you look exactly like one of the judges, Steven Tyler who is the lead singer for Aerosmith, the famous rock group. He has long hair and you can definitely be his double if you have long hair just like him...haha.

Note by KC: Yeah... that is exactly what Ariff said ... :-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, 2,500km on a pair of running shoes is amazing!

zErOiCe said...

Nice shoes.. :) I'm also using supernovas.. and I agree that they're great shoes! :)