Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Twin Peaks

I am pleased to share with you the photos of EBC (Everest Base Camp) and Island Peak taken by Dr Shara.

While we trekked to EBC and return (from 4 October 2009), Dr Shara took the challenge to complete two peaks within one trekking trip from 9 November 2009. It is not easy to trek to EBC and of course, it is even tougher while on the way back, detour to the Island Peak. Standing at 6000 m, it is covered with ice and the elevation is higher than EBC.
Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Dr Shara.

Island Peak base camp

The temperature in Dr Shara's tent ... 3 Celsius

View from summit of Island Peak ... Dr Shara

Due to calibaration issue, Dr Shara's watch altimeter always reads 200-250 meters less than the actual height...it should have read as 6189 m

Going down the steep mountain face with the help of fixed ropes and zoomers & carabiners

The scary bottomless crevasses that had to be crossed by jumping over!!
Please click here to read a previous posting where Dr Shara sponsor the medicine for our EBC trekking trip on 4 October 2009.
Please click here to view EBC photos (4 Oct 2009); scroll down the web pages.
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