Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fiona's Kitchen

Thanks to Fiona for inviting the EBC (Everest Base Camp) team members to a good dinner set in a very special, cozy and enchanting environment. All foods were prepared by her, and the food taste superb!!

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Cozy dining area with the right ambience. All set for the the great dinner.
Fiona serving the bread made by her. It tastes superb !!

Pei Ling, Leng and Sharon Tan.

Appetiser - Grilled salmon with cherry tomato sauce and angel hair pasta;
Soup - Shitake mushroom soup;
Alpine grain homemade bread with humus.

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Sharon Tan, Wong and SC Yong

Serving white wine... notice the three different glasses, each for its specific use. White wine is pour into the middle wine glass while the biggest glass is for red wine.... Jayne Aw and Joseph Yong.

Yeah! Yee Choi, WongFK, PK Chan ... and Fiona.

Cheers! Fiona, yours truly (KC), Leng and Sharon Tan

Tandoori chicken with masala chick peas and cous cous;
Dessest - Banana upside down cake and whisky chocolate brownies.

Hmmm... yummy, yummy. Notice the two forks left on the table. It started with a few other spoons too. The usage of utensils synchronize with the savouring of food -- a fine dining style.

An evening of good camaraderie and good food. While dining, Yee Choi and Joseph briefed the team of the Mount Fuji Japan trek on 26 July 2010. Lead by Yee Choi, most of the members in this dinner will be going for this trekking trip.

Fiona, Leng and Pei Ling.

The EBC models posing with a big teddy bear.

PK Chan's feedback: It is one of my most enjoyable dinners amidst great fellowship and environment. Fiona has set a high standard of hospitality difficult to match.
While touring her house, one thing we are very amazed and impressed is the ability to conceal peripheral items such as cooking utensils, clothing, pajamas, br*, running shoes, trekking shoes, trekking bags and trekking sticks. These items are cleverly hidden behind wall-mount cabinets that look like normal walls to us. Sharon suggests to have afternoon tea in Fiona's house; so I quipped: maybe in daylight, as suggested by Sharon to have afternoon tea, then we can distinguish cabinets and the walls better... :-)
Thanks to Fiona for inviting us to this great dinner. Yeah, we are looking forward to more dinners.
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