Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Energizer Night Run

Work is still in progress to process the photos taken by Hon You.

“I am not going to wear the headlamp when running this marathon,” one of my runner friends said to me a week before the run. Then I said, “It is better to wear one since the organizer distributes a unit each to every runner; besides, this is a night run.”

Two days before the run, I realized that Saturday 27 March 2010 was the Earth Hours where we were encouraged to turn off light to save energy for one hour starting from 8:30 p.m. The Energizer Night Run took place on the same evening. So from the initial analysis, distributing headlamps and the event coincided with the Earth Hours did sound like the runners were going to run in darkness for one hour.

Stay tuned for the photos and see how dark it could be…

Formula 1 at Sepang F1 Circuit, 2 – 4 April 2010

We finally bought our tickets to the Grandstand in witnessing this exciting event. Jason Lee and friends, Shukri and your truly (KC) will be there to shoot photos of fast cars.

A week ago, the Australian F1 race was staged at Melbourne. It rained just before the start of event resulting in slippery ground, and the event was held with plenty of excitement and crashes. I even read a caption on the TV: Skid, Slide, Smash!

Let us hope that the rain will not pour at Sepang F1 areas as in last year forcing the race to end prematurely.

Click here: F1 Sepang 2009 - Part 5 (Posting dated 29 April 2009; scroll down the pages)

We need to re-construct a new group photo for 2010

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